George Labovitz

Expert in Organizational Alignment, Integration, Strategies, and Quality Management.
George Labovitz
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Background. Dr. Labovitz is the founder and CEO of ODI (Organizational Dynamics), an international management training and consulting company, and a professor of management and organizational behavior at the Boston University Graduate School of Management. He counsels senior executives on organizational alignment and strategy execution and quality and productivity improvement methodologies.

Dr. Labovitz has published or contributed to management articles in Fortune, Wall Street Journal, Quality Progress, and Quality Management in Healthcare. He is also the co-author of Making Quality Work and lead author of the best-selling book The Power of Alignment.His latest book, Rapid Realignment: Leading, Refocusing and Mobilizing the Organization was released in June 2012.

Dr. Labovitz has presented keynote addresses to diverse domestic and international audiences, including annual and national meetings and world congresses in Singapore, Jerusalem and Euro-Disney. He has delivered numerous presentations to ODI’s international customer base, which includes 12 of Fortune’s “Top 20 Companies” and has twice been the plenary speaker at the annual meeting of the Federal Quality Institute. He has also made presentations to the command structure of the United States Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

Distinguished and diverse. ODI was twice named in Inc. magazine’s list of the 500 fastest growing privately held U.S. companies, and it was also chosen by the United States Postal Service as the Quality Supplier Award Winner in the small service company category from among 60,000 suppliers.

Dr. Labovitz received Boston University’s highest teaching award, the Metcalf Cup and Prize. He has also been a distinguished visiting lecturer at the Naval, Air Force, and Army War Colleges. Dr Labovitz served as national consultant in administration to the Surgeon General of the Navy and the Surgeon General of the Air Force. He was also a consultant on alignment to the chief of naval operations and has served on the board of trustees at Boston Children’s’ Hospital and the CHMC/Dana Farber Cancer Center.

He frequently works as a faculty member in executive programs at Boston University, The Defense Acquisition University, the University of North Carolina, and the Harvard Business School, and he is an adjunct faculty member at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Dr. Labovitz holds a BS from Boston University, an MBA from Boston College, and a PhD from Ohio State University. Prior to his graduate studies, he served as a captain in the U.S. Air Force and was also a pilot and aircraft commander.

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The Power of Alignment. Aligned and integrated organizations outperform their nearest competitors by every major financial measure. What is alignment and how can it benefit your bottom line? George Labovitz provides tools and techniques for creating streamlined organizations, improving processes and achieving rapid results in the face of constant change.

Social Media Technology and Organizational Alignment. Google docs. Blogs. Facebook. They?re not just for the younger generation. These could be the tools that give your company an integrated edge. Labovitz shares case studies that reveal surprising ways social media can drive alignment strategy.

Healthcare Challenges. The great challenge faced by healthcare management today is achieving organizational alignment and focus in the face of constant change. Several world-class healthcare organizations, facing multiple problems, have focused on the process of organizational alignment to achieve their objectives. Labovitz discusses the key competencies that these organizations must have in order to achieve and maintain their goals.

Managing for Productivity. Labovitz focuses on the human side of productivity improvement, capitalizing on the consultants that are already on your payroll - your employees. He describes the management and supervisory practices and systems that energize and mobilize the workforce, including keys to motivation, styles of leadership, and creating and managing teams.

The Quality Advantage. Labovitz introduces fundamental total quality principles and concepts that will make a demonstrable difference to your organization. His strategies help employees understand their roles in meeting customer requirements and expectations. He shows how to calculate and reduce the cost of quality and provides tools needed to improve work processes and break down functional barriers to quality.

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