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Haydn Shaw

Expert in Generations (Baby Boomers, GenXers, and Millennials), 6 Change Reactions, and Productivity
  • Spoken to over 100,000 people and worked with more than 1,500 businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies
  • Senior consultant with FranklinCovey for over twenty-one years and one of the few consultants to win their Chairman’s Award
  • Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post for his insight on generational differences, productivity, and management
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Haydn Shaw has become a favorite of Leading Authorities, not just because of his expertise and great speaking skills, but his true ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. In 1998, Leading Authorities booked one of Haydn's colleagues for a speech in the Midwest. That speaker became ill, and just one day before the event, Haydn agreed to fill in for him. Then - to make matters more complicated - a snowstorm hit at the event location and no flights could get in or out. This did not stop Haydn; he rented a car and drove to the event - only to be hit by another vehicle on the way there. Even this did not stop Haydn. He walked over a mile down the road to get help, arrived on site in time for the event, and was a hit! A true team player, Haydn practices what he preaches.

Haydn Shaw is a leading expert on the multiple generations, leadership, change, and turning around negative work environments and employees. 

Haydn has worked with more than 1,000 businesses, not-for-profit, and governmental organizations. He speaks and consults in excess of 170 days each year to clients who consistently invite him back.

Hailed as a “leadership guru” by the Washington Post, Haydn Shaw has delivered hundreds of convention keynotes or intimate off-sites. Known for taking groups from hilarity to deep reflection, he combines rich content with use-tomorrow tools. His presentations make an impact because he does his homework, designing each one for your unique needs. Having worked with hundreds of organizations, Haydn connects with virtually any group in any industry, and brings practical and inspiring examples from the boardroom and the front line.

He also has worked with FranklinCovey for twenty one years as a senior consultant and one of their most requested keynote speakers specializing in their leadership, execution, and personal productivity methodologies.

Haydn has worked extensively with four topics:

1. Leading Across Multiple Generations.
He is the author of the bestselling training course Leading across Generations. His generational keynotes get people laughing at the generations so they quit complaining about the generations and start learning why the generations are different and how to turn those differences into productivity and sales. People often refer to his presentation on generations as one of the best speeches they have ever heard. Presentations include:

  • Leading Across Multiple Generations: Helping Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials Get Through Their Sticking Points Get Stuff Done
  • Leading the Millennials: Gaining, Training, and Retaining the Text Message Generation
  • Don't Miss Half Your Market: Selling to Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials

2. The Six Change Reactions.
Nothing is more frustrating or discouraging than trying to turn around negative environments or employees. This humorous keynote uses the metaphor of burping a baby to help leaders understand how to keep their teams from turning negative and what to do when they have already have. You’ll learn how to separate the dangerously negative people from the merely irritating, how to keep negative people from taking over your team, and how to move people through changes without letting the negative people take over. Presentations include:

  • Leading through the six Change Reactions: Why Change Stalls and What You Can Do about It (for leaders, managers, and supervisors)
  • Understanding the six Change Reactions: Making Change Faster and Easier for All of Us (for all employees)
  • Light Eaters, Yipper/ Yappers, and Hound Dogs: Dealing with the Three Types of Resistant and Negative Employees (for everyone)

3. Productivity.
Productivity has two parts: how well the organization communicates priorities and how well individuals use their time. Most approaches just focus on individual time management. Haydn’s productivity presentations do both: he helps leaders and managers get clear on how to get their people focused while also helping individuals manage their time and deal with the overwhelming flood of email, technology, and information. Presentations include:

  • FranklinCovey’s The five Choices for Personal Productivity in the Information Avalanche
  • FranklinCovey’s four Disciplines of Execution
  • FranklinCovey’s Why Sales People Can’t Get Time to Sell and What to Do About It

4. Trust.
When trust is high, teams get things done. But when trust is low, everything slows down and costs more. Presentations include:

  • FranklinCovey’s The Speed of Trust: the One Thing That Changes Everything

Haydn Shaw travels from Chicago, where he lives in a multigenerational household with his Gen Xer wife, Laurie, his Traditionalist mother-in-law, his disabled Gen X brother-in-law, and his Millennial children.

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