Jackie Insinger

Bestselling Author, Executive & Team Dynamics Coach, Forbes Coaches Council, Harvard Business Review Advisory Council

  • Grounded in data, Jackie utilizes her research-based methodology to provide actionable tools for individuals and teams to increase their performance and fulfillment in the workplace
  • She coaches leaders through her Positive Psychology-led framework, Platinum Leadership, to improve the overall happiness and effectiveness of teams by focusing on unique strengths and authentic connections
  • Jackie’s consulting firm, Insinger Insights, works directly with leaders and teams to create positive influence throughout their organizations

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With an exceptional track record of sparking brilliant leaders and turning soft skills into hard results, Jackie Insinger combines relatability and humor with her data-driven, results-focused approach to teamwork and leadership.  Equal parts captivating and motivating, Jackie inspires immediate action that leads to inevitable transformation.  

For two decades she has focused on her life mission of developing Spark Brilliance, a revolutionary approach to leadership and team dynamics that will transform your team’s performance, results, and fulfillment. By leveraging the latest research in neuroscience and positive psychology, Jackie designs simple, actionable strategies that individuals can use right away to spark their team’s brilliance.

With degrees from Duke and Harvard and a certification in Neuroscience for Business from MIT, Jackie’s ideas have been a game-changer for thousands of people and businesses worldwide. Her clients include leaders from companies such as Nestle, Accenture, San Francisco 49ers, and Silicon Valley Bank.

Her new book, Spark Brilliance, hit #1 on eight national bestseller lists and was featured in Forbes, Inc., CEO World, and Fast Company. Entrepreneur Magazine named it as one of the Top 8 Leadership Books for Entrepreneurs.

However, these accomplishments pale in comparison to her greatest life achievement…growing up in Miami, Jackie won the breakdance championship for her 4th-grade breakdance team. She currently lives in Denver with her husband, Rob; two sons, Simon and Miles; and enormous Newfoundland, Hailey. 

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Speaker Reel 2023

Spark Brilliance - Media Reel

Women of Excellence Reel

Sparking Brilliance: Harnessing Soft Skills and Hard Analytics to Ignite Brilliance. Jackie Insinger, renowned leadership consultant and speaker, shares key insights from her brand-new bestselling book, Spark Brilliance, that will give you the tools to build authentic connections, spark optimism, and drive greater results from the people you lead — and for your company’s bottom line. In today’s uber-competitive business environment, mastery of soft skills OR hard analytics alone only leads to mediocrity.  The combination of these two things sparks brilliant performance and impactful results.  And that brilliance begins with you, the leader. Jackie’s proven methodology will teach you how to create the spark, ignite your team’s potential, and drive bottom-line growth.

From Burnout to Brilliance: Leading with Confidence and Positivity in Challenging Times. This is the hardest time in history to be a leader. Between the Great Resignation, a recession, mental health and wellness challenges, burnout, remote and hybrid work environments, high-turnover rates, layoffs, quiet quitting (and now loud quitting) - in addition to the overall expectations of leaders to manage all of this while meeting expectations and numbers. No leader has led in these conditions before. Let Jackie simplify the messiness for you and give your leaders their time and confidence back! Using relatable stories, humor, and the latest leadership and workplace data, Jackie will empower your audience and be a catalyst for immediate action. This talk was built to give today’s leaders the tools to navigate the current challenges successfully and to integrate soft skills with current data to create hard results for the business – what she calls Brilliant Leadership. 

The Brilliant Woman Leader: How to Ignite, Engage, and Transform Your team – and Your Bottom Line. With more CEOs named John than women CEOs in total, it is critical to support and empower women in the workplace. Using relatable stories, humor, and current data, Jackie shares proven tools tested in today’s corporate climate to help create a more fulfilling, effective, and authentic leadership journey for women. Jackie’s data-informed approach to leadership, and deep experience working with women in business, are responsible for putting hundreds of women on the fast track to the C-suite. Jackie’s talk will inspire action, ignite passion, create authentic connections, and empower the women in the audience to accelerate their professional growth. 

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