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James Logan

Scientist, TV Presenter & Internationally Renowned Research Leader

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    Professor James Logan is a scientist, television presenter and internationally renowned research leader, with a passion for science and natural history. A biologist and medical entomologist with a first-class honours degree in Zoology, he won the Alfred Russell Wallace Award for his PhD. He holds a professorship at the world renowned and prestigious London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, where he is Head of the Department of Disease Control. James runs a large research programme at the university which sees him travel the world teaching and advising on various aspects of biology, entomology, parasites and disease control.

    James’ Scottish charm and boundless enthusiasm for science makes him an excellent presenter and popular guest speaker. Credits include:

    • Insect Dissection (BBC4)
    • Embarrassing Bodies and Live from the Clinic (C4)
    • Squeamish (DMAX)
    • Bang Goes the Theory (BBC1)
    • Weird Connections (Discovery)
    • The Great Butterfly Adventure (BBC4)
    • The Secret Life of Midges (BBC1)
    • The One Show (BBC1)
    • This Morning (ITV)

    James loves to travel and has contributed to numerous volunteer projects around the globe, protecting and monitoring primates, turtles and endangered marsupials in Costa Rica, Northern Cyprus and the South Australian outback. A keen entrepreneur and innovator, he also has several inventions under his belt, following in the footsteps of his ancestor who invented the modern bicycle! James is no stranger to a spot of self-experimentation either, having famously infested himself with hookworms in a pioneering experiment for Embarrassing Bodies. As the Director of ARCTEC, one of the most reputable and competitive institutions for the testing of arthropod control products in the world, James leads a team who dedicate their time to product development in the lab and testing in field conditions.

    Passionate about making science accessible and fun for everyone, when he’s not busy filming or leading landmark research, James is also a Science Ambassador for the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Network (STEMNET), which aims to inspire young people to take an interest in science.

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