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JJ Sutherland

Best-Selling Co-Author of "Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time" and Chief Product Owner of Scrum, Inc.
  • Helps businesses increase speed, reduce cost, and double their output
  • Works with Fortune 500 companies to improve cross-functional productivity and deliver customer value
  • Uses real-life examples to bring his SCRUM concept to life
Topics & Types
Business StrategyTeamworkTechnologyDecision MakingCorporate CultureBusiness Authors/Strategists

JJ Sutherland is the co-author of the best-selling book, Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time, and the chief product owner of Scrum, Inc., which is the most widely used Agile management framework. Scrum, Inc. has helped hundreds of companies fundamentally re-shape themselves to face a changing world, dramatically increase productivity, and drive profound growth. JJ focuses on inspiring, educating, and coaching Agile leadership teams in domains reaching far beyond software development. He helms Scrum, Inc.'s mission-driven content practice through books, papers, articles, and online. His work, through content, consulting, training, and public appearances, is to spread Agile knowledge and practice.

The thorny problem JJ tackles boils down to this: People are spectacularly bad at doing things with agility and efficiency. Best laid plans go up in smoke. Teams often work at cross purposes to each other. And when the pressure rises, unhappiness soars. Drawing on their dynamic experiences, JJ and his brother, Jeff, began challenging those dysfunctional realities, looking for solutions that would have global impact, and launched Scrum, Inc. If you’ve ever been startled by how fast the world is changing, Scrum is one of the reasons why. Productivity gains of as much as 1200% have been recorded. In his talks, JJ walks audiences through these techniques and helps audiences achieve what others consider unachievable–whether it be inventing a trailblazing technology, devising a new system of education, pioneering a way to feed the hungry, or building a foundation for your family to thrive and prosper.

JJ is an award-winning journalist, recognized for his ground-breaking coverage of the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, the Arab Spring, and 9/11 for NPR. For most of the last fifteen years, he spent the majority of his time covering wars, natural disasters, and revolutions for National Public Radio across the planet. He ran NPR's coverage of the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya, was Baghdad Bureau Chief from 2004-2011, reported from Afghanistan and Lebanon, and served as Pentagon Correspondent. When not in war zones, he reported directly to senior management as a trouble shooter. He founded NPR's West Coast HQ, started three new news magazines, ran the online newsroom, produced every show at the network, and brought NPR into the social media age as NPR's first blogger. His work has been recognized with multiple Overseas Press Club, Peabody, DuPont, and Edward R. Murrow awards.

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