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Joby Ogwyn

World Record-Holding Mountain Climber and Legendary Wing-Suit Pilot
  • Became the youngest person in the world to climb the “Seven Summits” at age 26
  • Holds the world record for the fastest ascent of Mt. Everest
  • Shares jaw-dropping stories and photos of his trips around the world
  • Ignites a passion within audiences to live and perform at the highest levels
Topics & Types
AdventureInspiration & MotivationPeak PerformanceOvercoming AdversityRisk-TakersAthletes & Commentators
  • Only person in the world to climb Mt. Everest in a single day
  • Only person in the world to fly next to Mt. Everest in a wing-suit
  • Only person to ever fly all the way around the Matterhorn in a wing-suit
  • Formerly the youngest person ever to climb all Seven Summits

Joby Ogwyn is world-renowned for his prowess as an adventurer, high-altitude mountain climber, BASE jumper, and wing-suit explorer. Known for his many firsts and unique feats, Joby summited Mount Kilimanjaro when he was just 18. When he first summited Everest in 1999, he was the youngest American to ever do so. A famed top-speed climber, in 2004 Ogwyn beat the ascent record of the Tibetan peak Cho Oyu, reaching the 27,000 foot summit in just eight hours. Four years later, he climbed Mt. Everest in nine and a half hours (it takes most people six days to complete the trip), setting the world record for the fastest ascent. For most climbers, reaching the summit of Everest is the ultimate dream, but for Ogwyn it was only the beginning. Joby has produced and starred in television shows and documentaries with National Geographic and Discovery, and has appeared in commercials for brands including Mastercard and Oakley. He has appeared many times on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the Today Show, Morning Joe and more to discuss his incredible adventures. Profiled in People, Men’s Journal, GQ, Sports Illustrated, and Playboy, and exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Joby’s speeches are an inspiring and often hair-raising look at the values and principles that allowed him to turn ambitious goals into realities—and how he’s kept himself alive in the process.

In presentations, Joby shares jaw-dropping stories and videos from trips around the world while igniting in his audience a passion to live and perform at the highest levels. Joby knows firsthand how to walk boldly into unknown and unfamiliar environments, as well as how to manage radical change and shifting challenges. He has spoken in front of clients including Deutsche Bank and Merck, and shares insights on what it takes to succeed—having a vision, creating a plan, fully committing to it, and preparing tirelessly. As Joby says, there is no “try” when it comes to jumping off a mountain. Joby went from never having worn a parachute to successfully completing the most iconic BASE jump in the world in only 30 days–a feat professionals said was impossible. Sharing lessons on what it takes to be successful, his speeches resonate as he encourages audiences to embrace the future, challenge themselves, and never look back.

With more than 30 global expeditions completed, Joby also holds the world speed record for his ascent of Ama Dablam in Nepal. By age 26, he became the youngest person in the world to climb the “Seven Summits.” With a passion for human flight, he was also the first person to fly next to Mt. Everest and around all four faces of the Matterhorn in a wing-suit. Finally, he holds the world record for three BASE jumps from the Eiger north face in one day as well.

The Himalayas, Karakoram, and Patagonia continue to be a playground for Joby’s adventures and he is currently at work with IMAX on a documentary about human flight, The Dream of Flight. He formerly teamed up with National Geographic to make the television show Adventure Wanted

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