Joel Saltzman

Best Selling Author & High Octane Speaker
Joel Saltzman
  • Founder and publisher of Shake It! Books
  • Prolific author, including several New York Times best sellers
  • Interviewed on CNN, NPR, and over 500 radio shows
  • Refreshingly energetic and humorous presentations on leadership, decision making, and problem solving

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Joel Saltzman is a speaker, facilitator and consultant who teaches people in business to Shake That Brain! ® -- for winning solutions AND lots of fun. And it's not just "Rah, rah, you-can-do-it!" stuff. Joel reveals specific steps you can take to discover extraordinary solutions. Easily. Consistently. And economically.

The author of more than a dozen books, Joel gives out free books like mad during each presentation as part of his high-octane, high-content program-filled with laughter, learning, the breaking of delicate objects and the shattering of everyday assumptions. (Also included: On-stage brain surgery.) You'll leave with a smile on your face, a bounce in your step, and the ability to generate and implement bold new ideas. No wonder his work has been called "Witty and rewarding" by People Magazine and "really, really great" by his ten-year-old son.

What's Joel's latest book? Shake That Brain!: How to Create Winning Solutions And Have FUN While You're at It.

The founder and publisher of Shake It! Books, Joel knows the rewards and challenges of business first hand-from creating the popular "team-building" relationship series, How To Be The Almost Perfect Husband: By Wives Who Know and How To Be The Almost Perfect Wife: By Husbands Who Know (more than 500,000 copies sold) to authoring The Worst Salesman in the World (less than 500,000 copies sold).

His first book, If You Can Talk, You Can Write, became a Best Seller for Warner Books and a selection of the Quality Paperback Book Club. In 2000, his audio recording of the book won him a national Audie Award for "Best Educational & Training Audio."

As J.S. Salt he created the Best Seller, Always Kiss Me Good Night: Instructions on Raising The Perfect Parent by 147 Kids Who Know, a book that continues to rank among the "Top 10 Gift Books" for Random House.

Joel began his career in New York with the advertising agency Young & Rubicam. Moving to Hollywood, he wrote sitcoms for Perfect Strangers and The Robert Guillaume Show, and sold screenplays to Warner Bros. Studios. He also served time as a stand up comedian.

Joel has been a guest on Leeza (twice) and has been interviewed on CNN, NPR, and more than 500 radio shows.

A graduate of Cornell University, he's taken post-graduate courses in psychology at New York University and The New School for Social Research, and he's taught at UCLA.

A transplanted New Yorker, Joel lives with his wife, son and "Tux-the-Wonder-Dog" in California.

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Shake That Brain!: How to Create Winning Solutions (And Have FUN While You're at It). Start your meeting, conference or retreat with a BLAST of enthusiasm and FUN with a Shake That Brain! keynote —to get them thinking and reacting a whole new way. Includes breaking delicate objects, shattering everyday assumptions, and on-stage brain surgery. Based on the book, Shake That Brain! (Wiley, 2006).

Outstanding Outcomes:
Your people will learn to:
• Broaden their mindsets and strengthen their upper-body solution finding skills.
• Shake, rattle, and question their assumptions —they're crippling!
• Turn their worst ideas into GREAT ideas
• Learn the power of "Opposites Thinking"
• Have "Yes" meetings only
• Generate and implement bold new solutionsby using just what's in the room.

Solve It NOW! Grappling with a challenge you can't seem to solve or just don't even have the time to tackle? Using proven Shake That Brain! tools, Joel leads your group to create extraordinary solutions to whatever's most challenging you and your group — right there in the room.

Prior to the meeting, Joel interviews members of your group and develops insights
about your challenges. He then facilitates an intensive session that harnesses the
collective brain power of all involved.

Outstanding Outcomes:
You'll learn to:
• Turn that crisis into a great OPPORTUNITY for your organization
• Discover SOLUTIONS to any problem with easy-to-apply formulas
• Harness the brain power of experts - your own group or team - for ZERO-dollars!

Shake That ETHICS Brain!: How to Decide "What's the Right Thing to Do?" Too often, people limit themselves by framing ethical dilemmas as "either/or" propositions.
Joel uses his Shake That Brain! strategies to teach your group to create more and better
alternatives — to find solutions that are both good ethics AND smart business.

Participants learn to "Shake That ETHICS Brain!" to discover winning solutions to a variety of
intriguing hypothetical in this super-interactive program. Your group will learn that doing the
right thing is not only a better way to do business, it's also more profitable. The result? Better
compliance with your organization's Code of Ethics and a stronger, more successful organization.

And we'll show you to how to "spread the word" —so everyone knows, "These are our rules."
Because having good rules isn't enough. What you need to create is a corporate culture where
following the rules ... is as natural as breathing.

Don't have a Code of Ethics? We'll help you to create a code that's clear, precise and user-

Outstanding Outcomes:

• An easy-to-use system to guide ethical behavior and help people make the right decision.
• Executives, managers and other employees who are better equipped to lead by example during the normal business day.
• A better business reputation, more loyal customers and more customer referrals

Shake That SPEAKING Brain!: How to Deliver Killer Presentations. In this highly interactive program, Joel teaches participants to speak with clarity, energy, and enthusiasm. He shows you how to tap into your passion and make it a vital part of every presentation.

Through a series of exercises - conducted in a fun, supportive atmosphere - you'll learn to
identify your individual strengths while learning you're NOT alone when it comes to certain
fears and anxieties. You'll also have an opportunity to grow as a speaker and presenter as
you try on NEW BEHAVIOR right in class - and experience on a personal, visceral, level the
REACTION it engenders. In other words: You'll get a real "taste" of what it's like to succeed!
And once you get that "taste" you'll be on your way to becoming a more compelling and
persuasive speaker. Everyone whose job description includes making presentations or
selling will BENEFIT from this program.

Outstanding Outcomes:
Participants learn to
• Prepare and deliver powerful speeches and presentations
• Be fully prepared AND spontaneous
• Present their ideas with conviction and enthusiasm

Shake That LEADERSHIP Brain!: With 8 Great Teamwork Tools You Can't Win Without! Keynote: Serving as "team leader," Joel Saltzman reveals the secrets to building and
leading high-performance teams — from building trust and team collaboration ... to
creating and maintaining standards of excellence. In addition to plenty of business examples,
Joel draws on his background as a Hollywood writer with compelling stories of team-building
and team-bungling from the world of movies -- from movies like "Hoosiers" and "Master and
Commander" to "Apollo 13," even "Bonnie and Clyde."

Workshop: This intensive, action-packed program can be geared either to a group of team
MEMBERS or team LEADERS. Joel interviews everyone in advance to develop an understanding
of the specific issues you're struggling with. Using various Shake That Brain! strategies, Joel then
facilitates one or more highly interactive sessions in which he leads your group to shake its
collective brains and discover outstanding solutions to the issues at hand.

As a result, team MEMBERS will ready and willing to fully collaborate and take on new challenges.
And team LEADERS will be equipped with the skills they need to build and maintain high-
performance teams and lead them to greatness.

Outstanding Outcomes:
Achieve better morale, improved team functioning, and increased productivity. You'll learn to:
• Awaken talent
• Build trust and team cooperation
• Establish and maintain standards of excellence
• Be tough on principles, not people
• Lead every day with "Can do!" enthusiasm.

How To Have The Almost Perfect Life. East meets West in this practical and spiritual guide to a life of less anxiety and lot more fulfillment. Drawing on a wide range of experts — from Aristotle and Budda all the way to Jay-Z — this session "connects the dots" between continents and centuries of wisdom: from Yogis and Saints to philosophers, poets and historic world leaders.

The goal of this program? To create a vastly improved daily and practical approach to life — through breathing, meditation, the sharing of wisdom and the ability to transcend everyday struggles with more fun, more joy and a more “That’s pretty funny!” approach to life.

Program Outcome? Participants will enjoy a calmer, clearer, more focused approach to life, armed with a host of new tools and techniques to glide through each day while THRIVING through life.

Topics Include:
Anxiety is Useless
Breathing is Key
Be Compassionate
Dwell on The Present (Not on the past)
Make a Difference
Happiness is Highly Misunderstood
Laugh & See How FUNNY Life Is
Lay Your Burden Down
Resist the Urge to Be Reactive
Teach Your Children Well
Work Like a Horse & Always Be Wealthy
Exorcise Your Xenophobia

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