John Dijulius

Author & International Consultant and Entrepreneur
John Dijulius
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John DiJulius is redefining customer service in corporate America today. He didn’t read the books on customer service, he wrote them: Secret Service, Hidden Systems That Deliver Unforgettable Customer Service and What’s The Secret? To Being a World Class Customer Service Organization. One of the most captivating and charismatic speakers today, John’s keynotes and workshops are used by world-class service companies to provide unforgettable customer service every day. In his high-energy presentations, he uses powerful visuals as he discusses the 10 commandments of customer service and explains how to improve the service aptitude of employees at all levels.

As the authority on world-class customer experience, organizations across America use his philosophies and systems for creating world-class service. He has worked with companies such as the The Ritz-Carlton, Lexus, Starbucks, Nordstrom, Panera Bread, Nestle, Marriott Hotel, PWC, National City Bank, Cheesecake Factory, Progressive Insurance, Harley Davidson, State Farm, Chick-fil-a, and many more, to help them continue to raise the bar and set the standard in service that consistently exceeds customer expectations.

John is not just telling others how to do it. His strongest attributes may not only be that he has the experience of working with extremely large companies, but knows how to translate those processes to fit small business models. He is the president and owner of John Robert’s Spa, named one of the Top 20 Salons in America with multiple locations (and over 150 employees), which he uses as living laboratories to test his findings and theories.

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Speaker Video

John Dijulius: Customer Service in American Business

Jon Dijulius on How to Promote Unforgettable Customer Service

Secret Service Keynote. As one of the most charismatic and inspirational speakers today, John DiJulius has cracked the code and shares dozens of brilliant ideas on how the top customer service companies in every industry consistently exceed their customer & staff expectations. He then customizes back to your organization on how your front line employees can easily do the same without reducing productivity.

Customer Experience Cycle Workshop. After a customized Secret Service keynote for your organization, John then pus all the attendees through his worldrenown Customer Experience Cycle. Teams from every department help define the critical “Service Defects” thatneed to be avoided, “Non-negotiable Experiential Standards” that should be executed consistently and the best“Above and Beyond Opportunities” that exist of each point of contact (stage) you have with your customers, thusreducing the wide variation of the customer’s experience delivered.

What’s The Secret? Workshop. This workshop covers the 10 commandments to providing a World-Class Customer Experience. John shares howthe best service organizations execute each of the commandments and then has your management team spendtime creating similar systems that fit their organization. This workshop is designed for your management teams towork together on creating the systems and processes of the ten commandments to providing a world-class customerexperience, customizing these principles to fit their organization.

World-Class Assessment. Using our proprietary C-SAT tool and component analyzing Experiential Report we will asses your organization andprescribe a customized course of action to raise the bar on service within your company.

Revolutionize Your Experience. A no-holds barred brainstorming workshop to reinvent your customer’s experience. Creativity exercises will get attendeesout of the box and looking at how to break the mold of “this is the way our industry has always done it.”Break the rules, consider what ifs and glimpse at the future. This workshop is intended to transform what has alwaysbeen into what you never dreamed possible.

Customer’s Customer Experience Cycle Workshop. This workshop takes the customer’s point of view literally. A workshop designed for your customers to give insightinto what they would like to experience. Selected customers will be taken through the Customer Experience Cycleand offer what the view as potential service defects, above and beyond opportunities and non-negotiable standardsthey would like to experience on every visit.

House of Yes Workshop. Designed to enhance your service recovery plan, this workshop takes into account the occurrences in your businesswhen your staff says “no.” We’ll review the instances and create ways to say “yes” in the scenarios. We’ll also lookat what isn’t your fault, but still your problem. We know that circumstances arise when a customer has a bad experiencebecause of something that wasn’t our fault. This workshop delves into common faultless challenges yourcompany experiences and putting protocol in place to be prepared when it happens.

Personal Vision Statement Workshop. A workshop designed for leaders to create their own personal vision statement. A great reminder to help achievebalance and live each day with purpose. Attendees will participate in exercises that will enable them to write theirpersonal vision statement and create their own personal creedo card.

Experiential Report | The Six Components of Five-Star. How do you rate in the six components reviewed to achieve five star status? We spend time at your location(s) andassess your organization under the six components used to grant 5 star and 5 diamond ratings. This report can befollowed by a workshop delves into your results and looks at how to improve based on your biggest opportunities.The six components reviewed: physical, setting, functional, technical, operational, experiential.

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