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John Hotowka

Motivational Speaker
    Topics & Types
    Inspiration & Motivation

    John is often summed up by his clients in three words – insightful, motivational, and energising. Not only is he humorous and visual in his approach as a speaker, he delivers practical, easy to implement content that gets results. As an added bonus, you’ll also laugh while you learn.

    ‘Achievement Thinking’ is a collection of simple, proven tools that empower you and your people with the confidence, strength, and commitment to excel. Using the techniques from his ‘Achievement Thinking’ system, John’s clients have achieved outstanding results including hitting annual sales target three months early, increased productivity, and raised morale.

    John’s had first-hand experience of the highs and lows associated with running a business singlehanded. He started his career in 1989 as a corporate magician, and built a very successful business working with nearly half of the blue chip companies in the UK. All went well until he suffered a crisis in confidence in 2002. His business and personal life suffered too. Little did he know at the time, as with most challenges, this would be a phenomenal opportunity to achieve more.

    He observed that, even when times are hard, there were always people and organisations that were successful and resilient. What’s more, they also flourished irrespective of the state of the economy and the challenges thrown at them. They seemed to easily manage change. How so? 

    He also realised that all the training and knowledge in the world won’t help you achieve outstanding results unless you have the right mind-set, attitude, and resilience to be self-motivated. He wondered if this mind mind-set could be learned... He discovered that it could.

    And so began a journey. John studied high achievers, NLP, and a lorry-load of personal development material. He also drew on his extensive industry knowledge and the insight gained from working with numerous blue chip organisations and small businesses. After distilling his findings he developed his ‘Achievement Thinking’ methodology and used it to rebuild his life and career, piece by piece. He even used the same business tools in his personal life to achieve his goal of losing 100 lbs (45Kg) of excess weight in 100 weeks.

    He now teaches ‘Achievement Thinking’ to countless corporate and smaller business clients each year, equipping his audiences with the tools they need to overcome obstacles, build resilience, and deal with change.

    In short, John is an ordinary man who uses laugh out loud humour and the metaphor of magic to engage, punctuate the points he makes, and inspire action.  He highlights the lessons learnt since 1989 - overcoming obstacles, doubt, and failure - to show your people how to develop the mind-set of an achiever, whatever challenges they face. Because he’s engaging and appealing, his message gets through and ACTION IS TAKEN

    Some speakers are informative, some are entertaining, and some are thought provoking…  John is all three.

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