Jorgen Oom

Motivation, Communication, and Attitude Change Specialist
Jorgen Oom
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Dr. Jörgen is an expert in psychological training and motivational work with top athletes – including several Olympic gold medal winners, top soccer and ice hockey teams, Wimbledon tennis champions, and Nobel Prize winners.

With a PhD in psychology, he specialises in motivation, communication, performance psychology, and attitude change. Dr. Oom specializes in motivational work in three main fields: elite sports, public organisations, and business organisations.

He has established methods that create winning attitudes and promote peak performance in business organisations.

Dr. Oom is the founder of Peak Motivation – a company geared towards strengthening clients’ competitiveness by improving motivation, teamwork, and personal leadership while establishing a High Performance Culture.

With a reputation for delivering engaging keynote speeches to over 300 companies in 30 countries, Dr. Oom has had a great deal of experience creating attitudinal change.

His list of clients include: Audi, Absolut Vodka, BMW, British Telecom, Canon, Carlsberg, Ericsson, Hugo Boss, IBM, IKEA, Johnson & Johnson, McDonalds, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Nasdaq, NOKIA, Novartis, Pfizer, Masterfood, SAP, Siemens, Shell , Vodafone, and Volvo.

He is a charismatic speaker with a light touch and a great sense of humour. He talks just as much to the hearts as to the heads of people, and uses lots of practical success examples in his delivery.

In 2011 Dr. Oom received the “Speaker of the Year Award” by Dagens Industri, Scandinavia’s leading business newspaper.

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