Judith Glaser

Organizational Anthropologist
Judith Glaser
  • Founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc.
  • Best-selling business author of Creating We and The DNA of Leadership
  • Awarded the Drexel University Distinguished Alumni Award in 2011
  • Advises CEOs and their teams of top leaders on how to elevate levels of collaboration

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Judith E. Glaser is an Organizational Anthropologist. She is one of the most pioneering and innovative change agents, consultants and executive coaches, and specialist on Conversational Intelligence. A best-selling business author, Judith is the world’s leading authority on WE-centric Leadership, the Neuroscience of WE and Conversational Intelligence. Through the application of neuroscience to business challenges, Judith shows CEOs and their teams how to elevate levels of engagement, collaboration and innovation to positively impact the bottom line.

 Judith is the founder and CEO of Benchmark Communications, Inc., and the Chairman of the Creating WE Institute with over twenty-five years of business experience working with CEOs and their teams in establishing WE-centric cultures poised to strategically handle business challenges in the face of moving targets. Her transformational approaches using neuroscience and anthropology enable leaders to raise their Conversational Intelligence™ and build agile and higher performing individuals and teams poised to impact the bottom line and top line results in their organizations. 

In 2012 she was listed in the top 10 consultants globally in the Excellence Top 100 Consultants, and since 2006 has been listed as one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders globally on the subject of leadership. In 2011, Judith was awarded the Drexel University Distinguished Alumni Award, and in 2006 she was inducted into the Temple University Gallery of Success.

She has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, ABC World News, The Fox News Channel, CBS Morning News, The Martha Stewart Show and the Family Network talking about We-Centric Leadership and Cultural Transformation. She is frequently quoted on her revolutionary workplace approaches in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Crain’s, Harvard Management Review, AMA World, etc. and is a contributing Editor for Executive Excellence Magazine.

Judith was awarded a Research Fellowship from Drexel University, where she earned a master’s degree in human behavior and development with additional work at the Bales School of Social Research at Harvard, and also University of Pennsylvania. She also earned her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies from Temple University. She received a master’s certificate in corporate and political communications from Fairfield University. She lives in New York City.

Judith has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Wharton, visiting guest speaker at Harvard, Kellogg, Loyola, University of Chicago, NYU, IIT, University of Stellenbosch, Etisalat Academy in Dubai, Tsinghua University in China and others. She is currently on the boards of The We Are Family Foundation, Expeditionary Learning, and was a founding member of The Executive Woman’s Business Forum and Women Leader’s in Health Science & Technology. She is a frequent speaker for Vistage and TEC in US and Canada.

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Speaker Video

Deconstructing Company Culture

Vital Conversations
The quality of the culture depends on the quality of relationships, which depend on the quality of conversations. Everything happens through conversation. In this hands-on session, participants will "deconstruct" conversations to uncover what happens in conversations that turns us on, turns us off, and causes us to discover our potential or get stuck in the past. We will use "real-plays" to help leaders discover new ways to converse with power, influence and positive impact.

Deciphering the Language of Leadership
As we talk with others, we are not only talking about information/content, we are also negotiating for power and influence. Encoded in every conversation is a language of leadership--both positional and personal--that establishes a contract from which we operate with others. Learn how to see the code, change the code and create powerful partnerships in the process.

Needs Intelligence...Emotional Intelligence: Keep the Pulse on People, Profits and Productivity
It's easy for leaders to get so focused on the bottom line that they fail to remember that its people who produce results. What do CFOs, CIOs and other C-suite leaders need to remember to create highp roductivity environments where people produce more than expected. What are the 7 Universal Desires of Human Beings?  In this highly interactive session, leaders learn what they can do to ensure they honor our universal human needs, and get the job done at the same time?

How Executive Coaching Can Help CEOs Succeed
Drawn from my 25 year Organizational and Executive Coaching Practice, this highly engaging session will enlighten executives on why leaders fail, how leaders succeed and how leaders can use executive coaching to "change one thing, change everything."

Becoming the CEO Everyone Wants to Work With!
There is a new leaders emerging today that calls on leaders to be more engaging, less ego-driven, more facilitative than dictatorial. We all fall back into our old power-habits especially when no one gives us feedback to help us change. This highly engaging session will help leaders see the "patterns" that may be trapping them and how to break their old habits.

Raising Your Organizational & Emotional IQ
No work is more important for a leader than creating a culture in which all team members can contribute. That raises the collective IQ of the company and pays big dividends as the business gleans ideas for new strategies and improved processes. Before most workers will share their ideas and insights, leaders must create the environment for sharing-it doesn't happen by telling people to do it. In this highly engaging session, leaders will learn how to create "safe spaces" for healthy, innovative conversations for harvesting the wisdom and insights from their employees and team.

Turning Difficult Conversations into Coaching Moments
The least developed muscle in the world of business is the ability to be candid--to have a difficult conversation with someone we care about. When we are upset with someone, it's so much easier to talk through others--that is called triangulation. This highly engaging session will focus on marrying candor and caring and provide templates for having conversations that transform relationships and outcomes.

Creating WE: Change I-Thinking to We- Thinking and Build a Healthy Thriving Organization
Our mindscape determines what we focus on, what we see, how we react and how we influence others. When we lead from a We-centric Mindset, we create environments that are more than collaborative - they are transformational. In this highly energetic session, participants will explore the nature of I and We-centric mindsets and how to create transformation in organizations.

The DNA of Leadership
What if we really did have leadership genes, and if we could create environments that helped leaders at all levels express their unique DNA. New research into genetics is confirming we do, in fact, have leadership genes. In a very engaging and energetic session, discover The DNA of Leadership, and how successful companies are shaping their environments to express both their organizational and individual DNA.

Is Bully Boss in Your DNA?
While we are learning that the new leadership is more about leader as facilitator than leader as boss, the real question is: do we have Bully Boss in our DNA and if so, how to manage it, handle it and not be trapped by it. In this soul-searching session, leaders will hear and explore stories of leadership from the real world, and see what the signs of Bully Boss Syndrome are so they can prevent it from eroding the organizational terrain.

How to handle a Bully Boss, Bully Peer and Bully Self!
Anyone who has had a bully boss knows how deleterious they are to our well being. They intimidate, they minimize, and they demonstrate aggressiveness and often choose targets to single out ? thereby creating fear in everyone with whom they work. At the same time we know that Human Beings are hardwired for alpha dominant behavior. We seek power and influence, and want and need to have important roles in our society and community: Being included, being valued are all vital to our health and well-being. When we fall into extreme needs for power--power over others--and have addictions to power--we can become the bully bosses everyone fears. This highly engaging session deals with how to handle bully bosses in the workplace.

Navigational Listening...The Racer's Edge
Listening is virtually the most important skill a leader can develop. Listening is more than hearing. Listening is a navigational tool leaders use to assess the landscape, create maps for what is going on inside, understand interpersonal dynamics, and clarify strategies for success. We can listen with our heart or our head or both. We "read into" what we hear and make interpretations. Listening is rarely from a neutral point of view. In this highly engaging session you will learn about listening from a new and powerful perspective--one that provides a new perspective on how to influence with power and integrity.

Living the Brand--Case Studies of Successful Companies
When a culture lives the brand, it means that employees are engaged with each other in understanding and interpreting the brand and executing it at every touch point with the customer. Often, when the brand is less differentiated, employees are working everyday without the sight to the customer and without the realization of how their enterprise uniquely delivers what is says it will. When employees learn to live the brand, they resonate a high level of valued expertise in concert with each other and provide outstanding service in a way not available anywhere else. In this session we'll talk about how successful companies create a "living the brand experience" in their organizations.

From Silos to Halos
The most destructive energy in business is exclusion and the most powerful is inclusion. We know what it feels like to be inside of a company with silos--it causes is to stop sharing, to fear others are adversaries. We hold on to knowledge, resources, and we play a zero sum game. What can leaders do to break down the silos and build a new level of respect and collaboration along the different parts of the organization? In this highly energetic, real life focused session leaders learn to assess what it takes to move from Silos to Halos.

Lessons from Successful Leaders
When we explore case studies of successful leaders, we often find that they have been faced with incredible challenges bigger than what they can handle alone. Creating engagement and releasing passion are vital to the success of an organization. Equally important is to balance candor and caring. In this interactive session leaders will have the opportunity to share and work on real life challenges in creating companies everyone wants to work in.

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