Justin Miles

Survivor, Adventurer, Leadership Motivational Speaker
Justin Miles
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Justin Miles isn’t just another explorer with a tale or two to tell; Justin’s presentations use expedition stories and analogies as a backdrop to bring to life a range of themes and subject areas for corporate, education and political audiences.

In March 1999 Justin was involved in a life changing car accident. The car accident left him with brain injuries and the brain injuries left him having to learn to walk and talk again. Rather than accept the situation that he found himself in, Justin took the decision to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an ‘explorer’. Challenging recovery norms and medical opinions at the time, Justin turned his ambition in to a tangible objective, developed goals to give him progression, direction, and motivation and then set about turning his dream in to reality.

Justin persevered through failures, disappointments, and setbacks and now he’s living the dream. His adventures take him all over the globe and his experiences are used to benefit charities and to support education initiatives around the world. Drawing on his experiences, Justin entwines important messages with his sometimes jaw dropping expedition and life stories which range from battling back from brain injuries to tearing his abdominal muscles open whilst on a winter Arctic expedition.

In a corporate setting, Justin presents on a range of key themes including objective and goal setting, maintaining positivity through adversity, leadership, motivation, ‘passion and purpose’, personal development, and innovation. Justin’s approach to organisational behaviour issues regularly brings him back in to the corporate arena as a consultant where he specialises in aspects of leadership and motivation, and he contributes to several business publications.

As a voice for global education provision Justin has presented at education and political conferences world-wide where he discusses an array of subjects including education poverty, creativity and innovation, developing future leaders, using technology to bring the world in to classrooms, ‘education for life’, and the ‘unfinished agenda’.

Despite his relaxed and sometimes conversational communication style interlaced with self-depreciating humour, you can’t doubt the depth of his knowledge and experience, or his burning passion for everything that he does. Justin’s first children’s book, the Ultimate Explorers Guide For Kids was released internationally by QED Publishing in 2015 and his second title in early 2016.

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Curiosity Didn't Kill Anything. Curiosity is the catalyst that sparks questioning, ignites creativity and fans the flames of innovation, and innovation is the key to economic success, the progression of the human race and how we live in harmony with the planet. This TEDx presentation explores the human characteristic of ‘nosiness’ and our inherent desire to explore, create and innovate.

  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Change
  • Health and Fitness
  • Education

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