Kaplan Mobray

Best-Selling Author, Thought Leader, Motivational Speaker, and Career Consultant
Kaplan Mobray
  • Named Top 40 Under 40 by the Network Journal Magazine
  • Featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, BET, Ad Age, and Businessweek
  • Engages audiences to successfully create their own personal brand

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Kaplan Mobray is an acclaimed author, thought leader, career coach and motivational speaker on topics ranging from personal branding, leadership, networking, public speaking and success. His presentations have been described as a life-changing event. For more than fifteen years he has led corporate marketing, advertising, and brand development initiatives for Fortune 500 companies. Mobray speaks to a variety of audiences, including professional organizations, colleges and universities, sales forces, and corporations. Through his seminars and best-selling book, “The 10Ks of Personal Branding” Mobray provides real strategies for real results in making the connection between your personal brand and your life outcome. He has been featured on CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, BET, Ad Age, Businessweek and shared his message to NFL players at Super Bowls forty-four and forty five. A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School and College of Arts & Sciences, Mobray was named one of the Top 40 Under 40 by the Network Journal Magazine and received the 2008 Rising Star Award by the National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR). Mobray is a sought after executive lecturer and leading advisor to top business school professors. He has been widely quoted in the media and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. Prior to his professional speaking career Mobray served as U.S. Diversity Programs leader at Deloitte. He continues to serve as a consultant to many Fortune 500 companies and serves as a brand coach to professional athletes. In his personal pursuits, Mobray is a professional saxophone player. He serves on the national board of ALPFA, the nation’s largest Latino business professional association and is active in charitable and civic organizations. Mobray resides in West Nyack, NY with his family.

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Kaplan Mobray The 10Ks of Personal Branding

The 10K’s Of Personal Branding: Focusing On The Brand Called You, How to Make Yourself Memorable and Build a Brand that Elevates Your Career!

The 10Ks of Personal Branding is an electrifying, thought provoking presentation on ten principles to help you build your personal brand. Based on Kaplan Mobray’s best-selling book The 10Ks of Personal Branding, the presentation covers such topics as: the six-second elevator speech, establishing recall, effective networking tips, and leaving a lasting impression.  Audience participants will be inspired to think about themselves in a totally new way and learn techniques on how leave a positive impression that builds career success and life focus. It is a life changing event!

The 10Ls of Leadership: Maximizing Your Leadership Qualities to become a Leader Others Want to Follow and Knowing how to lead right where you are!

This is an inspiring workshop on ten principles to create an effective leader.  Based on Kaplan Mobray’s forthcoming book, this innovative seminar takes an unconventional spin on leadership by challenging audience participants to understand their unique leadership qualities in the absence of a role or title. The presentation will challenge the audience through concepts like having a formula for vision, planning for success in succession planning, and how to really know your people.   Participants will be inspired to focus on how they make choices as a leader in their daily living that drive impact and create value for others. The 10Ls is a formula for leadership success.

The 10 N’s Of Networking: How to Optimize Your Networking Style to Create Lasting Opportunities

Networking and relationship building are undoubtedly the most effective means to get a job, promote your brand, or help someone find opportunity. But too often, we make the mistake of not planning for the opportunity we want to achieve, and thus networking “happens” by default.  The 10Ns of Networking is a fun, interactive workshop that explores how to maximize networking success to drive greater professional and business opportunities.  Audience participants will be inspired to take themselves out of their comfort zone and develop an effective approach for making connections, selling themselves and/or their service, and how to drive mutual value as a “connector.”

The 10Ps of Public Speaking: Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking with Confidence and Mastery

The 10Ps of Public Speaking explores ten effective strategies for success in public speaking. The principles are designed to help you draw on your strengths and give you tools to alleviate your most common public speaking fears. Through effective techniques such as “the power of the pause” and “using your eyes to gain confidence,” audience participants will walk away with a proven approach to dramatically improve their public speaking capabilities.

The 10T’s Of Time Management: How to Use Time as a Strategic Partner!

Time Out! Have you ever wondered why some people get so much done and why you may be struggling to cross one thing off your to-do list? Time management is a critical driver of success and accomplishment. When you look at time as something you need, you will use it as something you value. However if you let time “happen,” it too will pass you by leaving you with a question of “what happened?”  The 10Ts of Time Management covers ten effective principles to help organizations increase workforce productivity and individuals to increase their ability to get things done.  In this workshop, Mobray offers the philosophy that if you can convert passive time to active value, you will develop habits that give you more energy and create greater outcomes. The principles are practical, actionable and designed to drive immediate results. 

The 10I’s of Innovation: How to Think on Your Feet and Generate Ideas That Win!

In today's fast paced environment organizations are looking to get the most out of their people while providing a challenging environment that promotes growth, mobility, and learning. All too often however, leaders and employees see a drop in their productivity because of the nature of how work gets done and the need to “put out fires” in being responsive to complete multiple tasks. When leaders create a culture that rewards new ideas and fresh approaches to problem solving, they create "signature moments” that elevate the performance of their teams and increase employee satisfaction. This workshop is designed to help professionals increase the time and processes that drive innovation and growth in meeting strategic business objectives. Highly interactive, the workshop incorporates brainstorming exercises, benchmarking and improvisation techniques to help attendees bring innovation to their roles and unexpected value to their clients.  

Effective Corporate Marketing: How to Make your Brand Message Sing the Right Song with Customers

Your brand is your packaging not your logo.  If your brand was a song what would you sing? And what are the lyrics that tell your customers who you are?  This workshop is designed to give business leaders, marketers, and sales professional tools to effectively increase their market positioning through an understanding of how to mobilize their brand in the context of a song.  Audience members will walk away with a clearer understanding of how to differentiate their product or service using interactive, web-based tools, and branding techniques that make their products recognizable household names and hit songs in the minds of customers.

Stop the Head Counting: Making Diversity an Engine for Growth and Innovation in your Organization

Too often, corporations talk about Diversity as needing a connection to its bottom line but don’t devote bottom-line focus on connecting Diversity and innovation in its management practices.  When used as a tool to uncover new ideas for business, a well-orchestrated Diversity strategy provides new insights for generating financial growth, and an amazing vehicle for unconventional anticipation of business trends.  This insightful and stimulating presentation focuses on turning the Diversity paradigm upside down to help business leaders grasp new thinking for Diversity management practices and practical steps on how to transform their organization to capture greater ROI from Diversity spend.

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The 10Ks of Personal Branding: Create a Better You

The 10Ks of Personal Branding: Create a Better You