Lee Smith

World-Class Magician and Motivational Speaker
Lee  Smith
  • Uncovers the secrets of impact networking, and how to guarantee you and your brand are remembered
  • Teaches innovative tips on motivating your workforce and growing your business fast
  • Provides a fresh look at increasing your activity and reaching a higher potential

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You’ve read books and heard speeches about how to sell, how to network, how to develop your business. They’re all pretty good – the principles of success stay the same, no matter what size or type of business. But don’t you want to hear something new?

Lee Smith has developed innovative techniques for impact networking and solution selling. He knows how to make sure he (and you) (and your company) will always be remembered. He has unconventional approaches to increasing your workload, eliminating negativity and dominating your market. Lee’s own business has grown exponentially since he founded it in 2015. He now provides motivational coaching to industry leaders, giving them clear-cut solutions on how to achieve unprecedented results.

Sit back, relax and be entertained. Leave with refreshing new ideas about how you can transform your business. Don’t book Lee Smith if you only want to see magic tricks. Book him if you want to enjoy a magical, enriching experience that will leave your audience inspired and motivated. For life. 

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A Magical Journey. Lee Smith didn’t learn magic as a childhood distraction. He developed his incredible skills specifically to enable a change of career, while maximizing the potential of his extraordinary people skills. And to make serious money from something other people do as a hobby.

“I stopped thinking about the next magic trick. Instead I thought only of how I could use a magic trick to launch a global brand or product.” 

Lee will show you how it doesn’t matter where you’re coming from. Within the space of two years, he has developed a stupidly successful company. He has connected with extraordinary people and businesses, and he keeps uncovering new opportunities that continue to transform his business.

Selling With Impact. In magic, the simple things can often be the most powerful. That’s something Lee has discovered on his journey to becoming one of the leading worldwide performers. But this isn’t only about magic.  In Selling With Impact, Lee demonstrates how exactly the same principle applies to selling your product. He illustrates the importance of making the right connections and, more importantly, how easy it is to make them. You will learn how to maximize the outcomes of your communication, collaboration and brand experience, using straightforward and fail-safe techniques. 

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