Matt Church

Founder of Thought Leaders Global
Matt Church

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Matt Church is the founder of Thought Leaders Global and is without a doubt Australia’s, and possibly the world’s foremost authority on the topic of Thought Leadership.

Obsessed with helping clever people, organisations, and businesses to be commercially smart, he founded Thought Leaders Global - an international education business that teaches Thought Leadership to consultants, business owners, and executives in large organisations.

His mission is to demonstrate and educate on the exceptional power of thought leadership as a driving solution to the key business issues facing 21st century organisations.

Thought Leadership drives growth, develops leadership, feeds innovation, develops talent, increases engagement, instructs strategy, and is without a doubt the best B2B sales and marketing solution around.

Not only does this mean he leads and speaks on the topic, he also teaches others why they should and how to go about doing it brilliantly.

A prolific author and serial entrepreneur he has a lot of evidence to draw upon in his own story of the power of thought leadership. Matt is reluctant though to get overly carried away with this as he believes that empowering leaders to explore their thought leadership is more important than sharing his own inspiring journey.

Matt is unlike any motivational speaker you might engage—he sees his job as a way to teach your people how to bring out greatness in others—not just be great themselves. Ironically you cannot shine a light on another’s path without also lighting your own.

In an era where ME seems to have taken precedence over US, Matt rebalances the equation by teaching that leadership in all its forms is about the effect we have on those around us that drives them to greatness.

He will customise any speech so that it meets the event brief and works with meeting planners to exceed expectations and provide a rock and roll conference experience.

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