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Meet the Speakers of FOX News Channel

Dana Perino FOX News Speaker

Dana Perino

Co-Host of Fox’s The Five and Former White House Press Secretary

Dana Perino was the White House’s first female Republican press secretary and one of the most widely-respected members of President Bush’s senior cabinet. She is currently a popular political commentator and a co-host – and the breakout star – of Fox’s The Five, a ratings phenomenon and the top show in the timeslot. Perino analyzes politics, the upcoming election, and current events in the same energetic and sassy style that has made her so popular on TV. Small in stature but big on personality, she consistently gets rave reviews for her speeches.

Chris Stirewalt FOX News Speaker

Chris Stirewalt

Digital Politics Editor – Fox News Channel

Chris Stirewalt is the digital politics editor for the Fox News Channel. Working in FNC’s Washington Bureau since 2010, Stirewalt helps coordinate political coverage across the network. His daily newsletter, Fox News First, boasts nearly 200,000 subscribers. He is also part of the Fox News Decision Desk team on election nights calling races over the past three electoral cycles.

Nina Easton FOX News Speaker

Nina Easton

Chair, Fortune Most Powerful Women International and Fox News Analyst

Nina Easton is a best-selling author, magazine writer, and TV commentator. Nina is currently chair of FORTUNE Most Powerful Women International and co-chair of FORTUNE Global Forum, conceiving and casting high-profile live events for Fortune 500 executives, and conducting interviews with some of the biggest names in global business and international affairs. 

Kirsten Powers FOX News Speaker

Kirsten Powers

Fox News Political Analyst and Columnist for the Daily Beast and New York Post

Kirsten Powers is a popular Fox News political analyst and a columnist for the New York Post and the Daily Beast. She brings a unique perspective to her commentary from her real-world experience working in politics and business. Known for providing independent-minded analysis and insight on the cultural and political issues of the day, she pierces through the partisan rhetoric of most arguments and gives the honest analysis Americans desire in a political and media environment that has become increasingly divisive.

Howie Long FOX News Speaker

Howie Long

Hall of Fame NFL Lineman and Television Personality

Widely regarded as one of today's top NFL studio analysts and an Emmy Award-winner, Howie Long shares his journey from professional sports to media celebrity and the commitments and sacrifices he made along the way. Witty and inspiring, Long reveals how teamwork and hard work capture success.

Laura Ingraham FOX News Speaker

Laura Ingraham

Best-Selling Author and Host of The Laura Ingraham Show

Laura Ingraham hosts one of the most popular radio shows in America today, The Laura Ingraham Show, and is the most listened-to woman in radio. The show is a three-hour rollicking odyssey through the worlds of politics, Hollywood, and the media, with Laura's unique brand of analysis lighting the trail. She is also the host of the Laura Ingraham Show on Fox News and a repeat best-selling author. She has also written commentary for the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, the New York Times, and the New York Daily News.

Charles Krauthammer FOX News Speaker

Charles Krauthammer

Pulitzer Prize–Winning Syndicated Columnist and Fox News Contributor

Winner of the Pulitzer Prize and named by the Financial Times as the most influential commentator in America, Dr. Charles Krauthammer has been honored from every part of the political spectrum for his bold and original writing. Since 1985, Krauthammer has written a syndicated column for the Washington Post, and for three decades, his influential writings have helped frame the very shape of American foreign policy. The Daily Telegraph called him “unquestionably the pre-eminent conservative columnist in a country where columnists still carry enormous heft.”

Morton Kondracke FOX News Speaker

Morton Kondracke

Executive Editor Columnist for Roll Call; Fox News Commentator

A journalist for more than 50 years, 45 of them in Washington, Morton Kondracke has covered nearly every phase of American politics and foreign policy, and has done so in newspapers and magazines, on television and radio. He is a commentator on the Fox News Channel where he was seen nightly as a Fox All Stars panelist on Special Report and weekly co-host of The Beltway Boys. He is senior editor and columnist for Roll Call, Capitol Hill’s feisty independent newspaper. He currently holds the Jack Kemp Chair in Political Economy at the Library of Congress.