Michelle Hoskin

Changing the world one WOWW! at a time!
Michelle  Hoskin (LITTLE MISS WOWW!)
  • Strives to motivate clients to realize and embrace their potential in the workplace
  • Selected by The Elite Advisor as one of the world’s top 30 coaches in the field of financial services
  • Wrote bestselling books, Best Practice Makes Perfect, and The Little Book of WOWW!, exploring the challenges of starting a business

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Michelle Hoskin is well known for her endless enthusiasm and energy, infectious personality and unique outlook on what she describes as a “magical industry”. Michelle has over 15 years’ experience working with some of the leading and most successful financial services practices, and is internationally recognised as the font of knowledge and the leading expert in identifying best practice standards of operation. 

She designs innovative solutions proven to eliminate the debilitating challenges faced by financial services professionals every day.

World class – As a member of the Professional Speaking Association she regularly presents to financial services professionals all over the globe, inspiring her audiences with the ideas and insights that she shares.

Her free time is super special to her and is spent ‘making home’ and enjoying quality fun time with her daughter Ruby Mae.

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Speaker Video

Michelle Hoskin: The Future You

Michelle Hoskin's 8 Principles for Perfection

The 5 WOWW’s of Wellbeing!  The world is changing, we are changing and as a 21st century human we continue to search for the magical pot called 'happiness' which lives at the end of the rainbow.  We set our sights firmly on the prize and will stop at nothing to achieve it.  The question is - "is happiness bought, earned or is it simply a gift awarded to those (and only those) who understand it's true meaning?"  Who knows - but one thing is for sure, the search for happiness well and truly starts with you; happy on the inside, happy on the outside.

Your Life By Design – The Future You!  The best thing about the future is that it hasn’t happened yet. The even better thing about the future is that when it does happen, it’s going to happen one day at a time. It is a true test of our times that we spend pretty much every waking moment focused on taking care of the needs of others - our families, friends and clients get the lion's share of our attention which sadly means we often forget to take care of the most important person of all.  Ourselves! This presentation promises to push your boundaries to create the best possible future version of yourself! The Future You™ breaks down the 10 key areas of our amazing lives and challenges you to think about a future where you have total freedom of choice, no restrictions, no worries - a future where you are totally free to achieve your true potential!

WOWWing by Design. Having an amazing business doesn't just happen by accident; it needs to be built by design! Michelle will share her inspiring insights into how to build your business by design and not by default (using a concept called The 10 Ways of WOWWing the World™!) giving you the freedom from all those debilitating complexities and challenges that constantly distract your business from achieving its true potential and distracting you from becoming the ‘best’ possible version of yourself.                                                                                    
The 8 Proven Principles for Perfection. By sharing her own personal story from start up to success, Michelle in her unique style will be sure to inspire all financial advisory business owners to realise that in order to achieve their true potential, both personally and professionally they need to turn their attention to the most important thing of all... their business.  Without a solid and scalable structure their growth and success is limited to almost the point of strangulation. Enlightening the audience with The 8 Proven Principles for Perfection™ Michelle with take you on a journey through your business to explore the key elements to achieve awesomeness! 

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