Mick Ebeling & Erik Weihenmayer

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Mick Ebeling & Erik Weihenmayer

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Inspirational powerhouses Erik Weihenmayer and Mick Ebeling team up to show audiences how their “nothing is impossible” attitudes, coupled with a passion for change and a dedication to revolutionary technology, are bettering the lives of others across the globe. Fueled by creativity and determination, Erik and Mick have reduced limitations that formerly characterized everyday life for people with physical challenges and disabilities, helping limbless individuals climb mountains and giving paralyzed artists a new way to draw. On stage, the two describe their individual experiences overcoming “impossible” obstacles and leave audiences with the distinct impression that no goal is beyond reach. 

Erik Weihenmayer is among the most remarkable athletes in the world, recognized for being the first blind person in history to summit Mount Everest. In addition to climbing all of the Seven Summits–the tallest peaks on each of the seven continents–Erik navigated the fearsome 227-mile journey down the Colorado River and has solo skydived about 50 times. He continues to push himself and others to new heights, serving as an inspiration to people all over the world. Founder of the No Barriers organization, Erik fulfills his passion for empowering people with by challenging them to break through their own barriers and to turn their obstacles into opportunities.

Mick Ebeling is also ardent in his pursuit of empowering others. He is founder and CEO of Not Impossible Labs, an organization that explores and develops inventive solutions to tackle current, real-world problems. Since creating the award-winning Eyewriter, and establishing the world’s first 3D-printing prosthetic lab and training facility in Sudan, Mick has touched millions of peoples’ lives with his other projects including Don’s Voice and Music Not Impossible. These technologies have given the ability to speak and hear back to those who lost it due to circumstance or illness. Today, Mick leads his team on numerous projects, including a toy that detect land mines, using car parts to help children with muscle disease learn how to walk, and a device that allows the blind to see with their tongue. 

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