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Mike Steep & Don Strickland

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For 30 years, Mike Steep and Don Strickland have been at the forefront of technology innovation. As executives running operations for Apple and the world-renowned Xerox PARC, they have built, managed, and helped transform companies by leveraging the power of technology to deliver innovation and new groundbreaking scalable business models. Strickland is best known as a highly-successful digital entrepreneur and the visionary behind the world's first consumer digital camera, while Steep has worked as an innovation consultant contributing to the development of world-changing products for companies including Microsoft, Boeing, BMW, and P&G. Drawing on decades of operations and innovation experience, Steep and Strickland engage with audiences and executives to offer a roadmap for leveraging emerging technology into bottom line business opportunities.

Throughout his career, Mike Steep has worked in the presence of industry legends including David Packard, Bill Gates, and Satya Nadella, experiencing first-hand some of the greatest breakthroughs within and transformations of entire industries—powered by the invention of the digital camera, cloud computing, mobile devices, IoT, meta-materials, and privacy preserving analytics. Currently the Executive Director of Stanford University’s Digital Cities Program, a global speaker, and a contributing editor to Forbes, Mike reveals the process companies use to tap into change before it’s too late. He is the former SVP of Global Business Operations for Xerox PARC, an Adjunct Professor of Digital Business at Imperial College London, and serves on the Smart Cities Board of London.

Don Strickland is a former Kodak and Apple executive and an innovative digital visionary. Strickland has a track record of disrupting incumbent business models by hatching and creating ground-breaking technologies. At Kodak, he began as an engineer and rose to become one of the top executives, heading an organization of 15,000 people and overseeing Kodak’s worldwide diversification from film to other markets including digital photography. As Apple’s Vice President of Imaging and Publishing, Don led the re-architecture of the Apple platform from traditional print publishing to “new media” including music, video, and the Internet. After his time at Apple, he became a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur, founding and eventually selling the startup PictureWorks Technology. He is President of Strickland & Associates, where he consults with the world’s top companies on technology-based innovation and entrepreneurship, and an Adjunct Professor and Consulting Advisor to Imperial College London.

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How to Create Exponential Opportunity from Technology Disruption. Mike Steep and Don Strickland draw from their experience consulting on specific projects for more than 250 companies over the past decade to help clients answer one question: “What does our company and industry need to do NOW to identify and create exponential opportunities caused by technology disruption?”

In addition to discussing relevant disruptive technology, Steep and Strickland offer a personalized roadmap for constructively creating a path to grow revenue by leveraging disruption, looking at:

  • Why most established companies fail to spot opportunity until it is too late.
  • The ways in which five major disruptive forces are changing our world—plus how they are creating opportunities for companies and industries.
  • How to draw on these forces, rather than fighting against them, to create exponential opportunity.
  • Real case examples of companies that have successfully used technology disruption to create new business opportunities.
  • The Outside-In model, which most companies are using to change the way they deal with disruption.
  • A process they created together called EMBARK, which offers a step-by-step method to harness the power of disruption to achieve a positive business outcome.

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