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Broadcaster, Explorer, TV Presenter, Leadership and Team Performance Specialist

Monty Halls

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Monty Halls is an ex-Royal Marines Officer who worked for Nelson Mandela during the peace process in South Africa. On leaving the Royal Marines he formed his own expedition company, leading diverse teams through some of the most demanding environments on earth. His projects took him on four circumnavigations of the globe over a five year period.

Notable expeditions included the discovery of a sunken city off the coast of India, exchanging gunfire with poachers on the Nyika Plateau in Africa, and taking the first ever underwater photograph of a rare species of crocodile in the Raspaculo Basin in Central America. In 2002 he was awarded the Bish Medal by the Scientific Exploration Society for services to exploration. His exploits soon attracted the attention of television, and he was invited to take part in the ground breaking series “Superhumans”, which pitted ten high performing individuals against one another in a set of tests over the course of a year. Monty was declared the winner in a live TV broadcast, which proved to be the launch point for a hugely successful career as a broadcaster, writer and presenter.

He has presented five series for the BBC - including a blue chip, multi award-winning documentary on the great barrier reef. He presented the Great Escapes series living in remote communities on the west coast of Scotland and Ireland, as well as the Fisherman’s Apprentice where he worked as a fisherman in Cornwall for a year. He has also presented series for National Geographic, the History Channel, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Discovery. His latest series saw him seeking out the greatest mysteries of the ocean with a world class team of diving explorers, resulting in four programs that aired to great critical acclaim in 2013.

He continues to be in demand, with a new Discovery series planned for 2014 that involves genuine exploration and ground breaking filming techniques. He has written seven books, and contributes regularly to several newspapers, as well as having a weekly column in one of the UK’s best selling magazines. Monty’s great passion is leadership, team dynamics, and studying the effects of stress and pressure on the human animal. He has gained a truly international reputation as a speaker, drawing on real examples from a career that has spanned over 20 years. His talks are fast moving, extremely dynamic, and illustrated by vivid examples from real life situations, backed by world class images and film footage. This has resulted in him being one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit, with consistently outstanding feedback and reviews. With extensive media experience, as well as conference and event speaking, Monty has also compered numerous awards evenings, delivered riotous after-dinner speeches, and conducted intensive seminars on management and leadership.

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Speaking on Leadership and Team Building

Monty Halls - Inspirational Speaker

Moving Forward in a Changing Landscape. Monty’s new series follows the Halls family during their time living in the Galapagos in 2017. It looks at the challenges of business and community in the most iconic archipelago on earth.

This talk offers a chance for your organisation or event to address one of the key issues facing any business. How to evolve, adapt, and interact in a positive way with a rapidly changing economic landscape. With Brexit, potential trade wars, and tectonic change on the horizon, how do you stay focused, motivated, and yet maintain readiness to make the most of new opportunities as they emerge.

For twenty years Monty has been one of the most popular and engaging speakers in the UK. With the context of this new series, filmed in the home of evolutionary science, he explores how we must all evolve and adapt to not only survive, but also to prosper while others fall by the wayside.

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