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Mustafa Al-Bassam

Ex LulzSec Hacker & Security Advisor at Secure Trading, Doctoral Researcher at University College London
  • After Mustafa was involved in the Sony hacks as a 16 year old, he was legally banned from the internet for almost two years.
  • Entirely shut off from friends, school work and news, Mustafa came to the conclusion that we are growing more dependent on the internet.
  • Mustafa gained an appreciation for the protection of data and preaches we must control our lives by controlling our data.
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Cyber SecuritySomething Different

Mustafa Al-Bassam is an information security advisor at Secure Trading in London, and a doctoral researcher at University College London with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. At the age of 16 he was the co-founder of LulzSec, a high-profile hacking group which made headlines for its hacks on Sony, Fox and the FBI. As a result, he was legally banned from the Internet for almost two years as a condition of his bail. He then became a security researcher, with his work being cited in publications such as Forbes, VICE, Washington Post and the BBC, and has appeared on national television programmes to educate the public about cybersecurity.

Mustafa Al-Bassam has previously worked to physically analyse the destruction of computer equipment ordered by GCHQ, that held top secret material leaked from the NSA and GCHQ. He was portrayed as one of the main characters in "The Internet is Serious Business", a play by the Royal Court Theatre telling a story about Internet culture.

Since 2011, he has advised human rights defenders around the world on protecting their data and communicating securely online and created a tool for Tunisian dissidents to defend themselves against state-planted malware during the Arab Spring. In 2016 he was listed in the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the technology section, and in Business Insider's list of "The 100 coolest people in UK tech".

He has regularly spoken at international industry events, including WIRED Security, SecureTour, Cloud Security Expo and unBound London.

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