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Nicholas Graham

Award Winning Marketer, Renowned Designer, Entrepreneur
  • Legendary retail leader who coined the phrase “The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir”
  • First designer to retail on the internet in 1992
  • Upended the status quo of branding and marketing with genuinely fantastic exploits
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BrandingMarketingRetailConsumer BehaviorBusiness Leaders From Major Brands

Over a span of 30 years, award winning marketer and renowned fashion designer Nick Graham has accomplished success by upending the status quo of branding and marketing by creating experiential events that transformed marketing as we know it. As founder and Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer, a company that has generated over $12,000,000,000 in retail sales, Graham changed the face of fashion when he turned Joe Boxer into one of America’s most popular lifestyle brands; all without advertising. His story is one of motivation, hard work, humor and adventure that is unexpected, surprising and inclusive. As Graham says, “Some people say I think outside the box; but to me there is no box.”

Graham coined the phrase "The Brand is the Amusement Park, the Product is the Souvenir” and uses this philosophy in everything he does. Graham was the first clothing designer on the internet in 1992, installed the world’s largest e-mail in New York’s Times Square in 1994, and did the first live-streaming fashion show with Microsoft from an airplane hangar in Iceland in 1998. He holds the record for the highest point a pair of underwear has been alone, (120,000 feet by single thrust rocket), the unofficial record for the World’s Fastest Fashion Show (1.2 seconds by Human Cannonball) and has had Buzz Aldrin and Bill Nye model his collection through a virtual Martian landscape.  He staged the first transatlantic runway show 30,000 feet above Greenland with his friend Richard Branson (while both were dressed in drag as flight attendants), attempted to put a giant bowtie on the Statue of Liberty by suspending it from a helicopter and staged a presentation for his eponymous brand in a tank with 40 man-eating sharks in Las Vegas.

Grahams presentation is engaging, humorous and entertaining as one incredible story follows another. Supported by stunning visuals, Graham’s stories leave audiences motivated and with a sense that anything is possible.

But even though Grahams story is filled with experiences mostly in the fashion industry, he says that his philosophy can be extended into any business. He takes the concept of self-styled branding very seriously and believes that everyone in the world has enormous potential. He says that by keeping an open and curious mind we can leverage enormous possibilities that will open us to new and rewarding opportunities; all without leaving our comfort zone.  His philosophy is that true happiness comes from the self and the potential of that self is only restricted by the perception that something is not possible. Grahams mantra is “The Brand is the Amusement Park, The Product is the Souvenir” which is also the name of his forthcoming autobiographical book. His first book “100 Questions” was released exclusively at the TED Conference in 2012. At the end of his presentation Graham runs the 100 questions in a poignant 7-minute video that leaves audiences motivated and empowered.

Currently, Graham is now taking his unorthodox approach of marketing to one of the biggest issues in the world: climate change.  After spending over 30 years making millions of units of clothing, Graham is preparing to launch “William Good” in partnership with Goodwill Industries to sell recycled clothing and to support Goodwill’s mission of career advancement and job creation. “Apparel production is the second largest contributors of carbon in the world. By partnering with Goodwill we cannot only help by reducing the production of apparel, but also create meaningful and rewarding employment in the US. To me, it is the ultimate opportunity for social change.” 

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