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Nikki Owen

Charisma Expert and Award Winning International Speaker
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    Change ManagementNegotiationRelationship BuildingFemale Speakers

    Nikki Owen, UK’s Leading Expert in Charisma has created a blueprint to build a collaborative, high performing culture. Charismatic leaders dismantle silos and enable employees to perform at their full potential. This powerful and controversial keynote will challenge traditional leadership thinking and transform attitudes about the real impact of charisma. The impact of this keynote speaker is dramatically heightened by her own sensational story.

    At eighteen, Nikki Owen faced the frightening possibility of spending 12 to 15 years in Holloway Prison. Her case made legal history at The Old Bailey on 22nd December 1978. Her charismatic barrister transformed her life against all odds, igniting a lifelong passion in charisma.

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