Patrick Lenox

Former British Government Official and Advisor to UK Government
Patrick Lenox

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Patrick Lenox is a former senior British government official who has worked in opaque, politically hostile, and high threat environments in a career spanning over a quarter of a century. From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the advent of the 'Arab Spring' and the emergence of radical islamist ideology as a phenomenon that now touches on our daily lives, he has been a leading expert in Britain's efforts to understand and respond to a range of evolving geopolitical threats. Patrick's work as an adviser to the UK government heavily relied on his ability to build discreet relationships on all sides, providing insight to assist the formulation of policy and promoting effective engagement with international partners and achieve steps towards resolving conflict. 

Since leaving the government, Patrick has used his skills to develop high level relationships in a number of frontier, emerging, and politically complex markets. He also spends his time advising and supporting investors seeking to achieve their commercial objectives in environments shaped by conflict, political intrigue, and personal interest.   

Patrick's experiences chart the political and security challenges of our time.  They include:

  • The collapse of Communism and the rise of Russian nationalism
  • The Intifada, Palestinian Rejectionism, and State Sponsored Terrorism
  • The First and Second Gulf Wars
  • Northern Ireland and the Peace Process
  • The Balkan Wars and their aftermath
  • Global Jihad, Al Qaida and its affiliates
  • 9/11 and intervention in Afghanistan
  • The Arab Spring and its effects 
  • Post-revolutionary Iran, nuclear ambition and re-engagement
  • Sub-Saharan Africa, governance and risk in the race for resources
  • Vladimir Putin, politics and commerce in post-Soviet Russia

Patrick's insights and analysis provide a unique optic on the global society we live in, its threats and opportunities and the realities and relationships that remain fundamental to understanding them. His experiences illuminate a landscape often distorted by media and other commentators who seek to observe in isolation. His talks bring to life, through direct experience, many of the issues we find most intractable and which remain of greatest concern to us, whether as private individuals or as businesses needing to make critical decisions based on real understanding.

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