Patrick Tedjamulia

Tech Founder, Innovative Product Leader at Meta, Google, Procter & Gamble, & General Mills
Portrait of Patrick Tedjamulia, a youthful male professional speaker, smiling engagingly in a casual setting. He wears a blue Nike jacket and glasses, seated against a blurred office background, suggesting an approachable yet expert demeanor.
  • Orchestrated product innovation initiatives at global market-leading brands, including Meta, Google, Procter & Gamble, and General Mills
  • Founder of the disruptive tech company VideoPeel, as well as a consultancy through which he advises leaders at Microsoft, Amazon, and Dell, and serves as a fractional CMO for industry-redefining brands
  • Keeps audiences engaged from the first word to his last as he encourages them to adopt a growth leadership mindset, helps them overcome “possibility blindness,” and introduces them to the technologies that will spur growth for their organizations

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Patrick Tedjamulia is a groundbreaking tech expert and serial entrepreneur celebrated for his future-focused approach to leadership, innovation, AI, and organizational culture. As a Hispanic immigrant who rose to prominence by redefining the boundaries of customer-centric digital marketing at industry giants like Meta, Google, Procter & Gamble, and General Mills, his journey is a testament to the power of resilience and ingenuity. Mentored by luminaries such as Stephen R. Covey, Jack Welch, David Copperfield, Craig Newmark, and Stan Lee, he is uniquely skilled at inspiring audiences to imagine the possibilities of emerging technologies — such as AI — and then providing established frameworks they can adapt to put those ideas into action to lead their organizations into a new era of transformation and growth.

Exclusively represented by Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Tedjamulia encourages leaders and their teams to think outside the limits they have set for themselves and their businesses and, instead, adopt a growth leadership mindset that enables them to think about their organization’s next iteration in new and exciting ways. He awakens groups’ curiosity with truly spellbinding insights into how they can utilize AI to transform their organizations and industries while introducing them to the concept of infectious innovation and the five steps they can take to bring their ideas to life. All the while, he retains avid engagement from the audience for the duration of his presentation with various interactive elements, including real-time video responses from actual attendees.

While at Google and Meta, Tedjamulia recognized that trust in advertising was declining as people struggled to discern between what was true and fake. This inspired him to lean into his entrepreneurial roots and create VideoPeel, the leading video survey platform that has enabled brands to remotely capture the real experiences people are having with their products and services. He not only founded the company, but he also led the vision to secure funding and more than 10x growth. He refers back to what has worked (and what hasn’t) in his own experiences building technologies that are changing how we interact with the world around us, developing a competitive advantage, leading high-performance teams, managing boards and investors, and rebuilding culture to coach leaders and businesses across industries on how to level up these aspects in their own organizations.

Driven by the desire to help leaders and businesses overcome “possibility blindness,” Tedjamulia founded the Discover Possible Institute, which is defined by its groundbreaking research and consulting services that leverage AI to unlock creativity, growth, and innovation. His methodologies have transformed leaders at top companies, including Meta, Google, Salesforce, Walmart, Amazon, Ford, Dell, and LinkedIn. His forthcoming book, Discover Possible: The 5 Steps to Overcome Possibility Blindness, encapsulates this commitment to unlocking potential in humans and organizations alike. His work has been featured in leading publications such as Fortune, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, ABC News, CBS News, and Business Insider for its fundamental impact on industries and his forward-thinking approach to leadership and personal growth.

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Growth Leadership: Uncover What’s Possible for Your Organization. Ninety-eight percent of leaders and organizations have yet to uncover what’s possible for their businesses in this new world. As such, they remain unsure of next steps to take to move their businesses forward. In many cases, this has resulted in feelings of confusion, being stuck, and unfulfillment at work. This is what innovation practitioner and culture thought leader Patrick Tedjmulia calls “The Directionless Pandemic of the 21st Century.” In this keynote, Tedjmulia opens audiences’ eyes to the methods they can channel to turn their organizations into a well-oiled growth machine by identifying where they can use emerging technologies to bridge gaps for their customers, employees, leaders, and other stakeholders to create products, services, and experiences that make a tangible impact on their businesses and, more importantly, the people they serve.

How to Transform Yourself and Your Organization with AI. As generative AI quickly transforms industries, leaders and their teams seek to better understand how to implement GenAI into their operations and in support of their objectives. As a subject matter expert in AI, Patrick Tedjamulia walks audiences through the process of implementing AI in ways that fit their organization’s specific needs while overcoming the most important hurdles to successful implementation including data privacy, copyrights, accuracy, customization, etc. In this keynote, the audience will learn how to transform their organization and themselves by utilizing AI to uncover what’s possible and scale their efforts.

Prioritizing Growth: The Evolution from Goals to Possibilities. Some of the biggest fall-throughs and most expensive mistakes in business come from setting the wrong priorities. That’s why tech and business leader Patrick Tedjamulia uses this keynote to lay out the dos and don’ts for setting organizational priorities and shares his model for prioritizing growth — which has been adopted by some of the world’s leading organizations. He takes the audience on a journey with the intent of helping them see beyond OKRs and, instead focus on the bigger picture for sparking growth and purposefully outlining the steps that will get them there.

Infectious Innovation: The Study of Ideas and How They Infect Us and Help Us Grow. In this absolutely gripping session, Patrick Tedjamulia dives deep into the science of ideas — the fundamental element behind customer advocacy, creativity, innovation, and change for every business. He discusses why some people get infected by an idea and why others don't, and how you can detect if an idea has infected you, your organization, and your customers. Organizations that understand the science of ideas — and learn to manage ideas and bring them to life for themselves and their customers — gain a significant advantage that results in innovation, trust, and unlimited potential for growth.

The Cycle of Creation™: The 5 Steps to Bring Any Idea to Life. Businesses grow by bringing ideas to life. Therefore, the greatest competency a business can develop is turning great ideas into game-changing actions. How can you, your team, and your organization bring ideas that will benefit your business to life? In this keynote, Patrick Tedjamulia introduces audiences to his proprietary Cycle of Creation™ and shares with them the five steps for bringing any idea to life, as well as how they can rightsize this methodology to align with the mission and vision of their organizations.

Discover Personal Growth: Define What You Have Built So Far and What You Want Next. In order to get to where you want to be, you must first reflect on your ethos and values, and how they will serve as the bridge from where you stand today and where you want to be. Patrick Tedjamulia is a Hispanic immigrant who has gone on to become one of the most influential business thinkers and an innovative force at global organizations. In this reflective keynote, he takes audiences through the process of discovering who they have built so far and how, once they know who they are and who their business is, they can then define what the next, best, and most successful version of themselves will look like.

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