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Philip Evans

Former Boston Consulting Group SVP, Co-Author of Blown to Bits
  • Dubbed a “Lord of Strategy” by colleagues at BCG
  • Delivered presentations at TED, Bill Gate’s CEO Summit and the World Economic Forum
  • Prestigious background in economics offers a unique perspective on technological disruption and the future of business strategy
Topics & Types
InnovationBusiness StrategyTechnologyAI, Machine Learning, & Big DataTED Speakers

Philip Evans’ career-long obsession is how technology must re-shape business strategy and public policy. He offers challenging perspectives on the direction of the digital revolution: community-centric marketing, tapping user-generated content, open collaboration and innovation, network-based strategy, infrastructure economics, the “deconstruction” of value chains, privacy and big data.  

Philip is a Senior Partner Emeritus with the Boston Consulting Group and the first elected BCG Fellow. He founded both BCG’s media and Internet practices. He has long been the preeminent thought-leader for BCG and was dubbed one of the “Lords of Strategy” in the book of that name.  In his 35-year career at BCG, he has consulted worldwide on strategy in the consumer goods, financial services, health care, media, retail, and technology sectors. He has also advised governments on military organization, homeland security, economic development, and digital policy.

Philip's long-term interest is in technology and business strategy. He has served as thought leader for BCG on such topics as community-centric marketing, tapping user-generated content, the architecture of open collaboration and innovation, network-based strategy, infrastructure economics, the “deconstruction” of value chains, big data, and privacy. Founding BCG’s media and internet practices, Philip also pioneered their expertise in pricing, IP, network analysis, and big data.

As a speaker, Philip has given keynote speeches for TED, Bill Gates’s CEO Summit, Michael Milken’s Global Conference, The Economist and the World Economic Forum.  He has also addressed “closed door” sessions with the world’s telecommunication regulators (in Geneva), privacy authorities (in Uruguay), and the Senior Executive Council of the Pentagon.

Philip is co-author of the bestseller “Blown to Bits” and numerous award-winning articles in the Harvard Business Review. Currently, he sits on the Advisory Board of the Oxford Internet Institute, British-North American Committee.

Philip Evans graduated #1 from Cambridge in economics and then went on to become a Harkness Fellow at Harvard in mathematical economics in 1974 and his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1978.

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