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Regina Herzlinger

Professor, Harvard Business School and Author, Who Killed Health Care?

  • First woman to be tenured and chaired at Harvard Business School
  • Best-selling author on health care, featured in The Economist for her work
  • Award-winning researcher on the economics of health care
  • Expert on health care policy and reform

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Passionate, compelling, and without peer as a scholar in the field of health care, Regina Herzlinger is one of the most influential people driving the national health care debate. She approaches the complex and divisive issues of reform with innovative theories and clarity of voice. Herzlinger is the Nancy R. McPherson Professor of Business Administration at the Harvard Business School, the first woman to be tenured and chaired at Harvard Business School, and the first to serve on a number of corporate boards. She is widely recognized for her innovative research in health care, including her early predictions of the unraveling of managed care and the rise of consumer-driven health care, a term that she coined.

Her views on health care were most recently profiled in an interview with Managed Care journaland Brazil’s Gestão em Saúde Diagnóstico .She is currently completing three text and cases books on innovating in health care for the life sciences, health care insurance, and delivery. All of her health care books have been best sellers in their categories. Published in 2000, Market Driven Health Care is widely viewed as a transformational work for its introduction of the concepts of health care focused factories, which provide integrated care for diseases and disabilities, and the need for a governmental health care transparency agency. Four years later, Consumer-Driven Health Care: Implications for Providers, Payers, and Policymakers, received a research award and its research results were profiled by The Wall Street Journal and Managed Health Care Executive. Her latest book, Who Killed Health Care? was profiled in a full-page article in The Economist.

Herzlinger briefed the Majority of the U.S. House of Representatives on health care at their annual retreat. She has won the Consumers’ for Health Care Choices Pioneer in Health Economics award, the American College of Healthcare Executives’ Hamilton Book of the Year award twice, the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s Board of Directors award, and Management Accounting’s research prize. She was inducted as an honorary fellow by the American College of Physician Executives and Managed Healthcare named her one of health care’s top ten thinkers.

In recognition of her work in nonprofit accounting and control, she was named the first Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Visiting Professor at the University of Edinburgh. She has delivered many keynote addresses at meetings of large health care and business groups and been selected by students as one of the outstanding instructors of the Harvard Business School’s MBA Program. Professor Herzlinger has served on the Scientific Advisory Group to the U.S. Secretary of the Air Force and as a board member of many private and publicly-traded firms, mostly in the consumer-driven health care space.

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