Rosaline Koo

Founder and CEO of ConneXionsAsia
Rosaline Koo
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Having grown up in the ghettos of downtown LA during the Watts Riots in the ‘60s, Rosaline had to hone her survival skills and work ethics from an early age.  After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Cybernetics followed by MBA from Columbia University, Rosaline's career trajectory took her from supervising a toothpaste production line in rural Iowa for P&G to a job as an investment banker on Wall Street.

Rosaline combines two rare traits in an entrepreneur - visionary leadership and relentless implementation skills.  Rosaline moved to Asia during the first dot com boom and successful built two start-ups.  She then moved on to the insurance industry and ran Mercer Marsh Benefits across 14 countries in Asia.  During her tenure, she grew the business by 800% over 8 years.  

Diving into the industry. Frustrated by slow level of technology adoption in the sector, Rosaline decided to bootstrap and build her own employee benefits platform - the first of its kind in Asia.  In the span of 12 months, Rosaline has acquired Pan Group, the largest home grown broker in Singapore and recruited a world-class team of IT, health and wellness experts to realize her dream.  ConnexionsAsia or CXA for short, is poised to shake up the stale sector by storm by enabling firms to repurpose their existing insurance spend to improve workforce health, provide employee choice & reduce HR's administrative workload while controlling rising healthcare costs. 

Success in Rosaline’s terms is to leave a legacy with the people she has touched while transforming and dominating an industry.   At the personal level, Rosaline’s greatest achievement has been helping her daughter overcome early childhood epilepsy and learning disorder.  Her daughter is now studying at a top US college on the East Coast. 

Rosaline is a frequent speaker on various topics including Leadership, Change, Diversity, Entrepreneurship, Health/Fitness/Lifestyle, Innovation, Inspiration/Motivation, HR, Team Building, and Technology.

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