Ruth Sherman

Strategic Communications Consultant, Speaker & Magazine Columnist
Speaker Ruth Sherman
  • Works closely with clients to develop their public speaking, perfect their personal and professional magnetism, and transform their ability to persuade and inspire in any venue
  • Believes charisma is a learned skill that, once mastered, has the potential to motivate, persuade, inspire, and advance business and personal interests
  • A leading authority on political communication, Ruth comments extensively on campaigns, focusing on candidates’ communication skills and style , arguing that these skills can make or break a race

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Ruth Sherman, M.A., is a strategic communications consultant who works with business leaders, celebrities, and public figures looking to have a greater impact in their personal public communications, including the development and delivery of keynote speeches, webcasts, investor presentations, road shows, awards presentations, political campaigns, media contact, and video. Her clients hail from the A-list of international business, entertainment and fashion, including Google, Microsoft, Apple, JP Morgan, Netflix, Deloitte, Universal, Paramount, Versace, Lionsgate, among many others. Five clients have won Oscars and one the Pulitzer Prize.

As a speaker, Ruth is highly sought after and has addressed many associations and businesses including Hubspot’s INBOUND, the Pennsylvania and Texas Conferences for Women, Watermark, The Mortgage Bankers Association, Association for Talent Development (ATD), ACUMA, and the National Speakers Association. In 2020 she fulfilled her goal of doing a TED Talk entitled, “I’m not done yet, so stop trying to get rid of me.” She is widely quoted in the press and has been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, TIME, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, on ABC, MSNBC, CNBC, FOX the BBC and NY1 where she was a recurring commentator on the reality show, The Apprentice, which starred our recent president, among many others.

A leading authority on political communication, Ruth comments extensively on campaigns, focusing on candidates’ communication skills and style, arguing that these skills can make or break a race. Until recently, when Tim Farley retired, she was a frequent contributor to his show “Morning Briefing” on SiriusXM POTUS radio, where she shared her analysis of the communication skills and styles of our political leaders.

Ruth was a Fast Company Magazine Columnist, posting regularly on leadership communication. Ruth began her professional life as a performer in New York, focusing on commercial singing and announcing. As one of a handful of successful jingle-singers, her voice was heard around the world on commercials for such clients as Coca-Cola, Ford, Michelob and Clairol. After receiving her M.A. in speech and interpersonal communication from NYU, she taught cross-cultural communication and accent reduction to undergraduate and graduate students there and at other universities.

She is the author of two books, "SPEAKRETS®: The 30 Best, Most Effective, Most Overlooked Marketing And Personal Branding Essentials" (2015 Norseman Books) and "Get Them To See It Your Way, Right Away: How to Persuade Anyone of Anything" (2004 McGraw-Hill), which was selected as a "Best Business Book" by the prestigious Library Journal and translated into several languages.

In both books, Ruth provides tools and techniques for becoming a skilled marketer of self and ideas based on her conviction that these are learned skills and that every contact we have with others is an opportunity to motivate, persuade, inspire and advance business and personal interests.

Ruth Sherman lives in Connecticut. She raised two daughters and still lives with Hors d’oeuvres, the cockatiel (first one’s name was Cocktail, next one will be Dessert). She is an active volunteer and has served on social impact and non-profit boards.

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I’m Not Done Yet, So Stop Trying To Get Rid Of Me | Ruth Sherman


Markets and companies become more confident with leadership who are well spoken, clear in their communications, and who exude charisma. It’s also not lost on peers. Women and many people who identify as female, however, are still routinely passed over for top spot, are denied investor money, and struggle to receive recognition for their accomplishments. This is true even though they often have the better track record, business plan, and ideas.

This is largely because they follow the gender-conforming rules set out for them and inculcated from the time they are born. These messages are consistent throughout their lives and are incredibly difficult to counter. It doesn’t have to be this way – even in our current virtual business environment.

The fact is, those who do make it have a few things in common: They cleverly manage the “rules.” They exhibit powerful presence. They have mastered the ability to display certainty. And they command attention wherever they are – whether in virtual or nonvirtual meetings, boardrooms, or presentations or 1:1 – not only by what they say, but by the way they look, sound, and move.

In this dynamic presentation, CEO & Celebrity communications consultant, speaker, and author Ruth Sherman will show participants exactly what it takes to...

  • Become recognized as a force, even if you are quiet or introverted.
  • Present confidently and seamlessly on-camera and in-person.
  • Pry open the doors to power.
  • Positively and irrevocably influence stakeholders of all kinds so they become champions, clamor to do business with you, and enthusiastically refer you to their networks.


Ruth's Truth: Lots of people are good at their jobs. Today, however, if you want to advance, you have to be great. Albert Einstein great. Oscar and Pulitzer winning great. Super Bowl and Stanley Cup great. Beyoncé great. You get the picture.

What you may not get is that you don’t need to be a genius or have a high IQ to achieve greatness. You need three things: passion, practice, and persistence – passion for your work, a practice ethic that enables you to repeat a task until you’ve mastered it, and persistence through the inevitable failures. This is what every high achieving professional knows. The other thing they know is most of their competitors won't do what it takes, creating tremendous opportunity for those who do.

In this dynamic and entertaining presentation, Ruth proves that almost everything you believe is necessary to become world-class is wrong and that anyone can achieve greatness by making a few, simple, common-sense adjustments. Done right, these techniques free the mind to interpret, to be flexible, to test something in the moment, and create new and unexpected pathways to success that accrue to the individual and the organization.

Takeaways include:

  • How practice creates magic
  • Why IQ is overrated and used to limit instead of identify potential
  • The necessity – and beauty -- of failure


Business success and status are conferred on professionals who generate the most revenue. While we inhabit an era where women are reaching an unprecedented number of high-level positions and have more influence than ever, they remain persistently stuck at < 5% of Fortune 500 CEOs. To keep advancing, women must mine every resource. There is one resource, however, that remains remarkably underutilized: other women!

In this dynamic and interactive presentation, communication expert Ruth Sherman will challenge you to a mindset shift, one that reconsiders the social conventions and emotions that thwart women’s ability to optimize this rich, powerful and built-in network and make big things happen.

Takeaways include:

  • Rethinking the deep-seated fear of being transactional.
  • Building a network of like-minded women colleagues whose mutual goal is professional advancement.
  • Modifying the traditional, female-centric emphasis on trust that impedes business and career development.
  • Activating natural champions by learning how to strategically ask for help, offer it, and keep track of both.


There is a vocal contingent in our society demanding that older workers step aside and make way for younger ones. This is based on the belief that after a certain age, people are past their prime, become cognitively impaired, have nothing more to add, and therefore must be eliminated from the workplace.

The reasons for this prejudice are difficult to suss out, but the research is clear: Older people bring a ton of good juju to the job, including deep knowledge, expertise, and wisdom that multiplies and compounds with age, along with the higher profits companies who know how to put it all together experience.

Originally created for her popular TEDx Talk, speaker, and author, Ruth Sherman, will show how ageing actually makes us smarter and the companies that actively hire and retain older people, instead of pushing them out, have a more productive workforce and a more profitable bottom line.

Among the issues Ruth will cover are:

  • How language and images skew our ideas about getting older – even though they are untrue.
  • The myth of advancing age and cognitive impairment.
  • The real reason older people sometimes cannot find a word.
  • The business case for retaining older workers.


We’re talking POTUS Politics here and the answer is simple: The winner is always the better communicator. Not the best or greatest ever… just better than the opposition. Business leaders have a lot to learn from this master class in high stakes public communication. And you’ll have a front-row seat as top consultant, political communications commentator and critic Ruth Sherman delivers a dynamic and information-packed tour that will focus on the skills necessary to win over and persuade others.

She’ll use the candidates from current and past campaigns as she shows what and what not to do. You’ll learn the secrets of successful candidates and how you can succeed using the same skills and techniques.

Ruth will provide evidence that charisma is not inborn, but learned and that mastering the concrete skills of personal appeal necessary to successfully pitch ideas, mesmerize audiences, and make memorable media appearances is within anyone’s reach.

Some takeaways:

  • Authenticity: What it actually is, why it sells, and how you can deploy it.
  • Establishing your “goddammit” statement.
  • Message strategy: It’s not what you say – it’s what audiences hear.
  • Why what may excite you (data, facts, policy) bores audiences.
  • Delivery skills that inspire and engage – absolutely critical at every level, in every market, and every environment.

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