Scott Bales

Chief Mobile Officer at Moven
Scott Bales
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Scott Bales is the global leader on Innovation, Trends, Design and Mobility. A thought leader who thrives on the intersection between cultural and behavioral changes with the technology innovations. He is Chief Mobile Officer for Moven, the world’s first-ever card-less bank. Scott is a self-proclaimed extrovert who has meshed a fascination with people and what motivates them, with his enthusiasm for technology. An Australian, who currently runs the Asia Pacific office of boutique advisory firm, User Strategy in Singapore. He is “the most influential on the advancement of financial services and mobility.” With over ten years of international experience in innovation, thought leadership, implementation planning, and strategy, he is a sought after consultant and speaker who communicates his unorthodox ideas with passion and charisma.

Scott Bales grew up with dreams of being a fighter pilot…a Top Gun influence that quickly took a back seat when he discovered the exciting and ever-changing world of technology.  Now, instead of dodging rapid fire, Bales travels the globe dodging and fighting the traditional thinking behind how customers are behaving.

A big proponent of user centered design, Bales maintains that organizations need to start listening to customers before they design a product. He shows them how customers are behaving with mobile and promotes technology as a way to create experiences, insisting that it’s more important for an organization to know the customer, not their account number.

Scott has worked with various governments in Asia Pacific and Africa, taking on key advisory roles for countrywide infrastructure, in financial inclusion and mobile commerce projects. A multifaceted techie, he was instrumental in developing the mobile commerce space for markets in Malaysia, Singapore Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines. Bales is on a mission to transform mainstream thought processing around conventional business practices. He is a founding member of Next Bank, Mentor to Entrepreneurs throughout world on Lean Startup, sits on the Board of Care Pakistan and holds advisory positions at FastacashOur Better WorldPlayMoolah, HUB Singapore and Apps 4 Good.

When not in a boardroom or on centre stage, you’re likely to find Scott streaming the latest music over a tumbler of Scotch (an avid Whiskey appreciator)…that’s when he’s not devouring, tweeting, and blogging on the latest and greatest in the world of mobility, serendipity, user experience and entrepreneurial leadership. An outlet that landed him a contribution to Brett

King’s best-selling bookBank 3.0, and Korean best seller, Beyond Startup.

Scott has a Bachelor of Applied Science, a Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology and a Masters of Business from Swinburne University of Technology.

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