Scott Deming

Branding & Customer Service Expert and Author
Scott Deming
  • Uses 30 plus years of business experience to advise top companies
  • Transforms organizations by re-envisioning their approach to customer loyalty
  • Generates sales results with easy-to-implement advice
  • Helps brands harness the power of stories and experiences

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Here’s the formula for sustainable success: Find several great customers, turn them into evangelists, and they will take you to the promise land! If this sounds easy, it is. However, it’s highly unlikely you will turn your external customers into loyal evangelists until you turn your internal customers (your employees) into loyal evangelists.

Scott Deming takes his over thirty years of business ownership, board positions, working with small, independently owned companies as well as multi-national, publicly traded corporations, employee relationship expertise, customer experience savvy, and wraps it into the most comprehensive, easy-to-implement, and energetic program you’ve ever seen. As one national publication wrote: “Scott Deming’s customer experience process is more like the ten moral principles for great business practice and success!”

Scott Deming speaks, consults, and trains a myriad of different companies and organizations of all shapes and sizes all across the globe—both big and small and in just about every industry and business vertical. From CEO’s, business owners, and managers to sales people and customer service reps, Scott Deming’s programs have transformed individuals and organizations alike, showing them the real process for customer evangelism and lasting customer loyalty.

And Scott is consistently the highest rated speaker and trainer for the companies and brands he speaks for. From manufacturing to retail, pharmaceutical to agriculture, technology to food and beverage, clients continue to bring Scott back for repeat performances and further educational development.

As Scott Deming says—“There is no correlation between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. A satisfied customer will stay with you until the next best deal comes along.” Move your customers from satisfied to loyal, with the process that works.

Communicate better. Become a stronger leader. Build a team that loves the corporate mission and sells with passion. Improve business and increase sales. Create a powerful, emotional, one-of-a-kind cult brand. Turn customers into evangelists for life. Be a marketing machine. Own your space.

These best practices and guiding principles may sound self-explanatory and may even appear to be common sense steps for anyone who wants to be a more effective salesperson and marketer, meeting all of their business goals and objectives, and ultimately drive ROI and yield successful business outcomes for both their customers as well as for their own organization. However, it’s not quite as easy and straightforward as it sounds to act on this tried-and-true business advice and implement these strategies and tactics within your daily workflow and adopt these within real business settings to generate revenue. So how can you successfully follow and adopt these sage sales and marketing principles and guidelines in your current role or position at your organization.

Come experience Scott Deming in person at one of his keynote presentations or guided workshops sessions to see what you need to do in person and learn how to transform yourself and your organization into a powerful, emotional brand that employees and customers will want to engage with and become a part of, and cultivate a lasting relationship with for many years to come.

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Scott Deming: Sustainable Success and Innovation

Innovating Your Business

Motivation, Customer Service, and Leadership

Motivational Speaker & Customer Service Expert Scott Deming

Powered By Purpose. Most companies have a mission statement, but very few organizations live that mission statement, because it was written by a few people at the top who thought the words would resonate with their customers, with very little thought put into where the words came from.

In this dynamic leadership and teamwork driven program, based on Scott Deming’s second book, Powered by Purpose, he challenges his audience to understand their values, where those values came from, and how those values dictate their decisions. Next, he shows the process for surrounding yourself with people who share your values and desire your purpose. This does not mean to surround yourself with yes men and yes women. In fact, Scott discusses the importance of tossing out ego and welcoming healthy debate and contrary ideas. Case studies will be discussed, and proof will be shown, that companies without a purpose-driven and value-oriented culture cannot survive in a world where people are seeking meaningful interactions and trusting relationships.

6 Critical Steps To Create The Ultimate Customer Experience. In this keynote presentation focused on how to create the ultimate customer experience, Scott Deming breaks all boundaries of the typical customer service or brand building processes and dispels the popular—yet incorrect—thinking that advertising and marketing lead to powerful, emotional brands. Scott takes his audiences on a fast-paced, high-energy journey through the six critical steps to creating the ultimate customer experience and building their powerful, emotional brand.

Understanding & Managing Change. A clear, simple, and effective communications process must be implemented in order to deal with generational change, technology change, customer expectation change, job change, and more. Scott Deming's 20+ years of national advertising agency ownership and business consulting with multi-national, publicly traded companies, as well as small, independently owned entities has given him the experience and expertise to effectively deal with these issues. As part of the "brand building" process, it is imperative that management understands the techniques for creating an environment that welcomes and correctly manages change.

One Team—One Brand. This is where it all comes together! Great branding comes from turning typical customers into loyal, lifelong evangelists. Customers are transformed into evangelists by delivering unique, emotional, one-of-a-kind, unexpected customer service. But make no mistake—great customer service starts from the inside, and ultimately starts at the top. In this powerful, interactive program, leaders will better understand how to effectively communicate, motivate, and empower their people to work together toward one common goal—a goal that they not only understand, but wholeheartedly believe in.

Relational Selling. For over twenty years, Scott Deming owned and operated a national advertising and marketing firm, working with Fortune 500 companies, franchises, and mom and pop companies across the country. Deming started the company out of the upstairs bedroom of his rented farmhouse and grew it into a multi-million-dollar organization. His firm ran strategic channel sales programs, advertising, and marketing campaigns and co-op management for companies such as John Deere, Benjamin Moore Paints, Okidata, The Scotts Company, Carrier, and many others. Transforming a one-person shop into a national organization takes some selling skills. It takes Relational Selling.

Relational Selling is not about price. If a person or a company sells on price and price alone, they become a commodity. Relational Selling is about the customer believing they are getting the very best “Total Cost of Ownership.”

And the “Total Cost of Ownership” includes the following items:

  • Trust
  • Relevance
  • Personalization
  • Relationship
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Unprecedented Customer Experience
  • Dedication
  • Emotional Connection
  • Price

Relational Selling is about emotionally connecting with a customer, letting them know you’re in it for them and offering solutions no other company has offered. But how do you offer solutions no other company has offered? How do you become that unique, one-of-a-kind organization with a unique selling proposition?

In Deming’s keynotes and training programs, he teaches the attendees how to arrive at unique solutions for the customers by changing their perspective. “Start with the customer experience and work backward from there.”

There is a specific formula to Relational Selling, which includes several important steps and components.

The formula to Relational Selling is comprised of the following steps:

  1. Eliminating Ambiguity with Clear Communications
  2. Understanding Perceptual Reality
  3. Scanning, Processing, and Listening
  4. Connecting on an Emotional Level
  5. Shattering Expectations

…and much more.

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