Stephen Koukoulas

Former Senior Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister
Stephen Koukoulas
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Few economists have both the global and local experience of Stephen Koukoulas. His background covers the spectrum of economic insight - from his role as Chief Economist of Citibank, Global Head of research and strategy for TD Securities in London to Senior Economic Advisor to the Australian Prime Minister.

Stephen’s combination of both public and private sector provides an unparalleled insight into the opportunities and risks of today’s markets. As a speaker Stephen has been called upon to discuss the economy with audiences as diverse as the corporate world to school students - an affirmation of his ability to turn complex economic analysis into terms mere mortals can understand.

In these uncertain financial times, Stephen provides tailored economic overviews and analysis with a level of humor and engagement not usually associated with the subject.

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The Kouk’s Outlook.  If you need a reliable and informed economic forecasting at both local and international levels, look no further. Informed by Stephen’s exceptionally broad experience and background, this presentation ties together complex fiscal policy with current macroeconomic data to provide comprehensive insights into how current economic trends will impact your business. This presentation can be tailored to include a wide range of topics including:

-Where the economy is going

-Which sectors are strong? Which are in decline?

-What are the economic opportunities in the near term or over the next few years?

-Local and international market forces

The Kouk’s Influencers.  What are the causes of macroeconomic conditions in Australasia and abroad? How long can the strong Aussie dollar last, what has caused its meteoric rise and what might be its downfall? How do interest rate decisions affect home buyers, small business and corporations? All of these questions and more can be addressed in Stephen’s presentation on cause and effect in economics. This presentation can include analysis and information on the influence of:

-Financial markets and stocks

-The Aussie dollar

-Interest rates

-General and specific taxation conditions (including the effect of the Carbon Tax)

-The effect of politics on your business segment

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