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Steve Vogel

Author and former Washington Post journalist

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    Steve Vogel is an author and veteran journalist who reported for The Washington Post for more than two decades and who writes frequently about military history and defense issues. His most recent book, Through the Perilous Fight, about the burning of Washington, the battle for Baltimore and the dramatic chain of events that led to the writing of our national anthem two hundred years ago, is being released in paperback by Random House in 2014, as the nation marks the 200th anniversary of The Star-Spangled Banner. “Through The Perilous Fight is probably the best piece of military history that I have read or reviewed in the past five years. . . . ,” Gary Anderson wrote in The Washington Times. “No one who hears the national anthem at a ballgame will ever think of it the same way after reading this book, nor want the national anthem changed.” Joyce Appleby, in a review for The Washington Post, called the book “a fine study. . . . Steve Vogel does a superb job.”

    Coverage of Wars.  Vogel’s coverage of the U.S. war in Afghanistan was part of a package of Washington Post stories selected as a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in 2002. He reported on the U.S. war with Iraq in 2003 as an embedded journalist with an Army airborne brigade.  Based overseas from 1989 through 1994 and reporting for The Washington Post and Army and Air Force Times, he covered the fall of the Berlin Wall and the first Gulf War, as well as military operations in Somalia, Rwanda and the Balkans.

    Vogel covered the September 11, 2001, terrorist attack on the Pentagon and was the first journalist to get inside the building’s most damaged sections. He reported in depth on the victims of the attack and the building’s reconstruction. His subsequent book, The Pentagon- A History, was published by Random House in 2007, and was described by the military journal Proceedings as “an epic work that transcends partisan politics. It is worthy of the highest historical honors.”  The book garnered high praise from The New York Times and The Economist, among other publications. “Among books dealing with seemingly impossible engineering feats, this easily ranks with David McCullough’s The Great Bridge and The Path Between the Seas, as well as Ross King’s Brunelleschi’s Dome,” wrote Kirkus Reviews.

    Frequently Published Journalist.  Vogel’s work has appeared in a number of newspapers and magazines, including The Miami Herald and Smithsonian Air & Space. His stories and books often shed light on overlooked history, places and people. His reporting helped expose problems faced by veterans of Iraq, Afghanistan and other conflicts, including the maze of red tape they have encountered at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and other military hospitals, their high suicide rates, and their lengthy waits for disability payments and other services from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

    Vogel has a master of international public policy degree from the Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies. He has been a guest on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and has also appeared on Fox News Radio, MSNBC, C-SPAN, BBC World Service and the Smithsonian Channel.

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