Terry Hawkins

Inspirational Speaker and Educator
Terry Hawkins
  • Founder of training company People in Progress, personally presenting to over 300,000 people
  • Winner of the 2010 Educator Award for Excellence
  • Delivers high-impact, hilarious, and thought-provoking presentations that help audiences find their “gap” and achieve their goals.

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Ask Terry what her specialty is and she will tell you simply – PEOPLE. One of Australia’s most successful and most-booked speakers, Terry knows how to give her audience a great time while they learn strategies that can change the way they look and feel about life forever. She is one funny lady and her ability to connect with people from every walk of life allows her to deliver high impact, hilarious, and thought-provoking presentations. She takes the complicated and makes it so simple to understand that it seems like magic. As winner of the prestigious 2010 Educator Award for Excellence, she has been an industry leader in delivering keynote presentations that make a difference.

Terry Hawkins is a masterful educator in attitudinal and mind-set change, cutting edge sales techniques, leadership development, temperament theories, relationship connectors, and communication strategies, to name but a few. She has spoken to every industry imaginable using her uncanny ability to relate to any audience and her unique gift in assisting the evolution of corporations and their people.

Best-Selling Author, Pioneering Businesswoman. Terry is also a best-selling author and well-established business woman. Her training company, People In Progress, was founded in 1989, and 21 years later it continues to be a leader in the delivery of high impact, results-based learning. Having personally presented to over 300,000 people, Terry knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to learning, and her team of trainers continue to deliver the benchmark training programs for which People In Progress is renowned. She is a pioneer in developing leading edge programs and presentations that help teams and businesses find their “gap” and achieve their goals. As a result, People In Progress consistently delivers measurable improvements – 20% or more – for its clients.

Terry got her start in retail, having working her way up from salesperson to manager at Just Jeans. By treating her customers as friends, she quadrupled sales and transformed the companies training system. With the knowledge she gained from that experience, she founded People In Progress.

The Human Behavior Expert. Her fascination with human behavior and results has also led her to study incessantly about peak performance and the blockages that stop people from succeeding (becoming a master practitioner in neurolinguistic programming, hypnotherapy and time line therapy in the process). Regardless of the audience demographic, people walk away inspired and motivated, knowing how to create outstanding results for many years to come.

Rather than bamboozle the audience with jargon, Terry delivers a message that will be nothing short of spectacular. This lady is engaging, insightful, and inspiring! It’s hard to describe the impact Terry Hawkins will have on your audience. She is one of those rare people who can deliver a message that you will remember forever.

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Now & Too Late! Do you want to shift people’s mind-sets and move them to action? In this dynamic and interactive presentation, Terry Hawkins will take your audience on a journey of self-discovery that is quite often described as life changing! Her ability to simplify the complicated, combined with her talent for shifting people to action, ensures that every audience will be moved to action. Terry de-mystifies the complicated neuro-sciences through her ingenious creation of two characters, STICKMAN and PITMAN and shows why past methods have short-term success!

Key Take-Outs:

  • Discover why passion, motivation and desire are not enough!
  • Identify personal blocks to performance and peace.
  • Create emotional, physical and mental states at will.
  • Take ownership of personal results and set new benchmarks.
  • Build results producing strategies for personal and team success.
  • Release past behaviors that no longer serve their purpose.

Personality Types. Have you ever noticed that there are some people with whom you instantly click? It feels like you have been friends for years, you have a similar pace and energy, you’re motivated by similar things…you just seem to have the same understanding on many areas. And then there are those people who are just so unlike you – almost to the point where you feel uncomfortable, even intimidated by their difference. Sometimes the difference is so great that you can even feel annoyed and irritated simply by being around them!

There have been many interpretations of the “styles” but none quite like Terry’s unique and entertaining way of communicating this fascinating and yet fundamental topic. She unlocks the mystery of why we are so different and how to get along! Participants walk away from this hilarious and life-changing presentation inspired and motivated to see and treat others in a far more effective manner. This is one powerful session that gets results in communication and team effectiveness.

L.E.A.D. Your Way to Results! In this dynamic and interactive session, Terry demystifies leadership and will explain eight core essentials that successful leaders do on a regular basis. Filled with practical advice and direction, Terry enthusiastically unravels the secrets to leadership with her trademark humor and magical simplicity. In this engaging presentation, you will learn how to create the core to powerful leadership and how to construct communication connectors. You will also come away with an understanding of why so many people fail to lead well and how to be innovative and consistent, while achieving the results that you want!

S.E.L.L. Your Way to Success! The Magic of Client Relationships. Your results say more about what you know and do, than how capable you are! In this highly informative, captivating and results focused presentation, Terry Hawkins will give your sales team the answers they need to help skyrocket their sales results.

  • Secure the Client: All you have ever wanted to know about building your client base and creating a constant flow!
  • Engage the Client: Two strategies for building the “Circle of Trust”.
  • Launch Your Product: Create a powerful impact with these eight proven techniques.
  • Leverage Opportunities: Turning one into many: how to multiply sales opportunities with the “Circle of Sales Influence”

In this uplifting and skills enhancing session, Terry’s insights, experience and sales success will have your sales teams transforming their selling style to create the results you have always wanted. Terry’s expert sales knowledge, experience and expertise will have your sales teams re-designing their sales success strategies. This is a MUST DO presentation for anyone in a sales/service role!

A Fish Rots from the HEAD Down: Leadership Mastery! Leadership begins with us! So why is it that some leaders achieve great success, regardless of the challenges they face and others fall into a heap at the slightest sign of negativity? Terry Hawkins will give you the answer and provide you with an experience that will alter the way you lead your team feel forever!

  • Learn how to tap into unlimited energy supplies and discover how dialogue and phraseology can create or destroy powerful outcomes
  • Take responsibility for the results you achieve as a leader and the affect you have on the teams you lead
  • Build more trusting relationships by choosing your mental, emotional and physical state at will
  • Take yourself to that new level by releasing the blocks that hold you back

The Science and Art of Sales: How to Put More Bang in Their Buck! In this powerful, fun filled presentation, Terry will amaze you, enliven you, inform you and have you wanting to race back to your business with new vigor! In this program you will discover the hidden factors that win or lose customers and understand why 62% of your satisfied customers don't come back. You will also learn how to make emotional connections when selling, how to enhance personal and team productivity, and how to deal with customer complaints. Finally, Terry will show you the WOW Factor Strategies that can separate you from your competitors.

Creating Connections: Team Communication Connectors. In this highly interactive session Terry Hawkins will inspire the audience to achieve greater communication and understanding with their peers and team.

By providing experiential exercises that produce greater harmony, increased cohesiveness and absolute alignment to the goal, people walk away with tools that will last a life-time! This high energy, information packed session will show the audience how to: understand the fundamentals of effective communication, turn negative situations into positive ones, deal with rejection, minimize disharmony, handle conflict situations with professionalism and ease, and maintain positive energy in stressful situations.

Retail Makeover: How to Put the WOW in NOW for Retailers! Terry Hawkins is a retail guru, and for 20 years has headed the renowned Retail Training Company, People in Progress Global. Terry Hawkins shares her powerful retail insights into discovering the blocks that prevent powerful results being created in any retail business. She will challenge your existing thinking about what customers want and will have you looking at your retail business, and life, in a different way. This will be a “how to” session that will leave you with actual “to do” lists and ideas that you can put into place right from the start.

People Power: Tapping Into Potent People Potential. We all know that people are our greatest resource, yet many of us are baffled by why we just can’t seem to get it right. The dynamic Terry Hawkins will inspire you to greater heights by showing you in a fun filled, information packed presentation, how to:

  • Select the best staff from the best applicants – how to recruit with results!
  • Produce power packed Field training – what, when, where, how, why & who all answered?
  • Maintain morale and understand the essence of “Feedback”
  • Address accountability factors – Having people “own” their results
  • Handle conflict situations with professionalism and ease
  • Maintain positive energy in stressful situations to lead from the front!

Conflict Comfort: Taking the Stress Out of Confrontation. It goes without saying that because we are human, we will all experience conflict in our lives at certain intervals. One of the main reasons for loss of productivity within teams is the avoidance of conflict and confrontation. Failure to address such issues will usually result in the emergence of negative emotions such as feelings of resentment, anger, frustration and undoubtedly stress.

In this open and supportive presentation, Terry Hawkins’ trademark style will provide participants with an inspiring and humorous look at understanding the strategies that will enable them to deal with conflict in a constructive and team building manner.

The presentation will cover:

  • How to deal with the emotions that lead to negative physical and mental states.
  • Identify how temperament influences our approach to conflict.
  • Avoidance issues and how to recognize denial.
  • Develop effective strategies to reduce conflict situations and achieve harmony within a team.
  • How to face and resolve conflict at the earliest opportunity.

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