Terry Savage

Expert on Business and Personal Finance and the Economy, Author of The Savage Truth on Money
Terry Savage
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Terry Savage tells the “savage truth” when it comes to the American economy, business policy, and financial markets. She has devoted her career to helping organizations and individuals better understand the economic policies coming out of Washington and better plan for the future. She is a regular contributor to TheStreet.com and Moneyshow.com, the popular investing websites, and co-hosts a daily two-hour morning television show in Chicago on CBS-TV, featuring talk about money, the markets, business, and sports.

Savage’s financial expertise comes from experience: she started her career as a stockbroker, and became a founding member—and the first woman trader—on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. She has served on the boards of some of America’s largest corporations, including McDonald’s Corporation for 14 years, and Pennzoil-Quaker State Corporation for five years. Savage currently serves on the board of directors of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). A frequent guest on television and radio, and the author of a weekly syndicated column for the Chicago Sun Times, Savage presents witty, entertaining, and thought provoking commentary on the financial issues that will challenge your business and change your future. Will the United States survive the current recession, or will it be a double dip? What impact will Washington’s taxation and spending policies have? Should your organization be planning for future inflation—or will deflation rule? Savage digs deep into the concerns of American businesses, with unbiased and uncomplicated strategies and solutions. Her on-air experience makes her an ideal moderator for panel discussions, debates, or entire events. With presentations customized for each audience, Savage’s financial acumen is a welcome resource in complicated economic times.

Multimedia Money Expert. Savage is a frequent guest on national radio and television shows ranging from PBS’ Nightly Business Report to CNN and CNBC. She’s appeared several times on Oprah and she’s the regular substitute host of the nationally syndicated Bob Brinker radio show on ABC radio. She is the author of five books, with her latest, The Savage Truth on Money, Second Edition, recently released. Her third, The Savage Number: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire?, hit the “Top 20” list on Amazon, and her earlier best-seller, The Savage Truth on Money, was named one of the “10 Best Money Books of the Year” by Amazon. Savage has won numerous awards, including the National Press Club award for Outstanding Consumer Journalism, and the Outstanding Personal Finance Columnist award given by the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and two Emmys for her television work.

Expertise from Experience. In addition to working on the Chicago Board Options Exchange, Savage was a member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange where she traded interest rate contracts and currency futures. She is a registered investment advisor for both stocks and futures. Savage was a recipient of the Director’s Choice Award honoring selected women who serve on America’s top corporate boards. She is also involved in Chicago’s civic affairs, serving as a director of The Executives’ Club of Chicago, Junior Achievement of Illinois and the Northwestern Memorial Hospital Foundation. Savage is graduate of the University of Michigan where she won a Woodrow Wilson Fellowship in American history and economics.

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The Savage Truth On Money. As a business and personal finance expert, Terry Savage shares her vast knowledge of the economy and financial markets in order to inform and educate her audience. Covering topics like, retirement, 401(k)s, annuities, investing, saving, and more, she offers individuals and organizations insights and practical advice that will make them more financially sound and savvy.

The Economy & Stock Market Outlook. Terry Savage started her career as a stockbroker and became a founding member—and the first woman trader—on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. This experience gave her the expertise to navigate the very complex world of Wall Street. In her presentations, Savage addresses the current state of Wall Street and the economy, the ramifications for businesses and individuals, and what you can do to improve your financial situation given the current circumstances.

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