Tony Morris

International Sales & Motivational Speaker
Tony Morris
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Tony Morris is a sales expert and International sales speaker, whose high-energy message leads individuals and organisations to incredible success.  He delivers over a hundred talks a year in his unique, energetic style to corporations and at events all over the Globe and has spoken in 19 countries. He has helped organisations like Oakley Sunglasses, Thomas Cook, IHG, Villeroy & Boche to name but a few.

With Tony’s sales methodology ‘K.I.L.L.E.R SALES, Tony shows companies how to increase their bottom line, build raving fans and gain referrals. Tony is about changing people’s beliefs and mind sets: “There is no such thing as failure, it’s all feedback”, he shares.

Tony is an authority on the world of sales and has published 5 books and created The perfect sales call DVD. He has a monthly column called Dear Sales Doctor for Business Connections (online Evening Standard), Winning Edge (the Institute of sales and marketing’s publication) and many more, where he answers sales people’s most challenging questions.

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Become the Top 1 Percent of Sales Teams

World Class Negotiating

Entrepreneur and Salesman

Killer Sales: Inside the mind of a serial seller. Helping sales professionals sell more, more often, with ease. Through sharing his KILLER SALES methodology; which are the common traits of the top 1% of the 26,000 sales professionals Tony has helped, he will show your sales teams how to have an unfair advantage over their competition.

In his interactive keynote, he translates the common traits in a hysterical and practical manner, which enables your sales team to implement immediately and get instant results.

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