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Marisa Peer How to Mastermind Your Life in 9 Easy Steps

description Step One: Know You're Enough It may seem that supermodels, actors and public figures have it all together, but Marisa knows from her therapy experience that they suffer from the very same ailment that an unsuccessful person or adolescent might feel: they feel they're not enough. As Marisa explains, "When you feel you're not enough, there's not enough accolades, business success, promotion, food, alcohol or chocolate to make you feel better. But when you know within that you're enough, you don't need an excess of anything." Knowing you're enough inspires to achieve more or do better, and feeling we are not enough is the common denominator of most emotional problems in a workplace.
Speaker, Writer, Therapist, Columnist
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There are few female speakers today who can claim the wide expertise and profound audience reach of Marisa Peer. With nearly three decades of work as a therapist behind her—helping rock stars, royalty, Olympians, and leading CEOs overcome phobias, addiction, childhood traumas, and relationship problems— Marisa has an unparalleled ability to connect with each of her audience members on an individual level.
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