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Differentiate in a Sea of Sameness - Experiences are the Key (Distinct or Extinct)


Customers and clients (external and internal) have an abundance of choices today. What draws customers to your team or organization? When they do choose you, do they stick with you? Exceptional service and high quality products are the price of entry today. In today's 'commoditization economy', where customers have a sea of options from which to choose, the winners will be the teams, organizations and individuals that create memorable experiences that differentiate them from the competition. Experiences create loyalty, and are as distinct from service as services are from goods. Is your organization (culture) clearly distinct from your competition? What makes you different? Have you developed a customer base that would never dream of not doing business with you? Do your employees ‘think and act’ in a manner that is speeding you toward you ‘must-achieve desired results?’

Is your organization’s stated culture congruent with the actual culture—the culture that your customers and employees experience? The espoused culture may not be the true reality. This stated culture, and the leaders that have declared it, can lose credibility with the organization and customers when people see a stark difference between the ‘leader-speak’ and the reality that they experience on a day-to-day basis. The ‘brand-inside’ must be congruent with the ‘brand-outside.’ When they are not, the result is a hollow brand.

For the most part, an organization’s culture thinks, acts and behaves the way it does as a result of the experiences leadership has created, and allowed over time. Your organization’s culture is a reflection of it’s leadership. Senior leaders must be deliberate and intentional when it comes to shaping their optimal culture. When you do not lead your culture, your culture will lead you. When your culture is not producing your desired results, leadership can proactively create shifts in the way employees think, act and behave. How? By being intentional and deliberate in creating appropriate experiences to trigger new thinking and ultimately new behaviors. The process must start with identifying the specific beliefs and actions, that if held and acted upon by the majority of employees, would accelerate and propel your team or organization toward achievement of your ‘must-achieve desired results.’

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Mike Evans:

Best-Selling Author and Speaker

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Mike has developed a unique perspective from 20+ years of working alongside a star studded list of world-renowned thought leaders, including: Dr. John Kotter, Dr. Stephen Covey, Tom Peters, Jim Kouzes, Hyrum Smith, Steve Farber and Chris McChesney. Mike served in senior leadership and consulting roles with Kotter International, FranklinCovey, and Tom Peters Company.

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