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3 Questions that Transformed a Failing Department


Get FREE leadership tips at How do you get people with an entitlement mentality to step up? Have you ever had to lead DIFFICULT people through big changes? People who... Are unmotivated to change? Are stuck in their ways? Are not willing to take responsibility? We actually surveyed people when I wrote Stepping Up We asked people why don't you step up more at work? Here's why people say they don't step up more at work.... "I wasn't give a seat at the table" "They didn't ask for my ideas" "I wasn't treated like an owner" In this video, I share a story about a leader from Telus, Joanne Beaton, who was given the IMPOSSIBLE task of getting a failing call centre department of 1000 people to Step Up. Here's just how impossible the task was for Joanne... The call centre was bleeding money for Telus. The team had the lowest engagement scores in the entire company. The department was unionized and Telus wasn't planning to renew their contract. The CEO asked Joanne to... Cut the costs. Keep the quality up. And if people leave, don't re-hire anyone. In this video, I share with you the 3 QUESTIONS Joanne asked to get all 1000 people to step up. 3 questions that TRANSFORMED the call centre in just 15 months into... -- A PROFITABLE call centre that attracted business from their competitors -- A GROWTH in their head count by 55% -- A department with the HIGHEST engagement scores In the comments below, we want to hear from you. Tell us how you get people to step up and be accountable. Dr John Izzo is a keynote speaker on Accountability, Leadership and Change Management and Employee Engagement. He's also the author of Stepping up: How responsibility changes everything and best selling Awakening Corporate Soul.

Bestselling Author and Thought Leader

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John Izzo presents a unique combination of practical ideas and high-level "big picture" thinking that leaders want. He is an expert in retaining good people, the new work environment and corporate culture. The founder of Izzo Consulting Inc., he is well known in leadership circles a respected authority and trainer on creative leadership, engagement, performance, retention and corporate culture.

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