Adm. Sandy Winnefeld on Leadership

Adm. Sandy Winnefeld on Leadership


Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, James "Sandy" Winnefeld, breaks down the key steps in becoming a great leader. With a clear pathway and actionable goals, Admiral Winnefeld's talk is a must see for any group of leaders looking to grow. In any competitive environment, good leadership is the one thing that makes the difference among organizations as to whether they're going to be mediocre or excellent. Adm. Winnefeld has found that it is a complex "secret sauce" of what makes a good leader, including five key things any leader must learn about in order to become proficient at leading others.

Four-Star Admiral James “Sandy” Winnefeld is the immediate past vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the second highest-ranking officer in the entire United States Armed Forces. A highly decorated leader, his nearly 40-year, celebrated military career includes extensive time as a fighter pilot and as an instructor at TOPGUN before he led at the Pentagon. He was one of the Navy’s best pilots before taking on larger leadership roles and commanding at every level, including serving as an aircraft carrier commander during 9/11. Defense Secretary Ash Carter said, “He’s been the grease in the machinery between our special operations forces and our most senior decision makers, helping remove some of the worse terrorists from the fight.”

Former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Four-Star United States Navy Admiral (ret)

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Admiral Winnefeld was the ninth Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and formerly the nation’s second highest-ranking military officer. He graduated with distinction from the Naval War College, and is a member of the Georgia Tech Engineering Hall of Fame and the Georgia Tech Advisory Board. Admiral Winnefeld has been involved in many of our nations conflicts in last century including, commanding USS CLEVELAND and USS ENTERPRISE during the nation’s initial response to the terrorist attacks of 9/11.