Alex Stamos: Creating a Thorough Cyber Defense System


Alex Stamos is a cyber security expert, business leader, and entrepreneur. In this talk, Stamos draws on his experience dealing with attacks from state adversaries to share ways companies can better understand cyber security and stay ahead of cyber threats.

Stamos shares his insights on defensive and offensive strategies companies should employ to curb economic espionage, what actors we should be worried about, and how companies can respond to a crisis. He also addresses the broad collection of data and its innumerable uses.

On an international scale, Stamos discusses the United States' capabilities in comparison to the world stage and explains why the US needs a stronger national defensive response. He examines current regulation and the importance of working towards international norms for the safety of citizens globally.

Stamos was the Chief Security Officer at Facebook where he oversaw security for 2.5 billion users on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Previously he was Chief Information Security Officer at Yahoo where he implemented massive cryptographic improvements. Stamos is currently an adjunct professor at Stanford University, where his working to improve the security and safety of the Internet through his teaching and research.

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Former Chief of Security at Facebook & Stanford University Professor

  • Local: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • US East: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • US West: $20,001 - $35,000*
  • Europe: $35,001 - $55,000*
  • Asia: $35,001 - $55,000*
Alex Stamos is a cybersecurity expert, business leader and entrepreneur working to improve the security and safety of the Internet through his teaching and research at Stanford University. Stamos is an Adjunct Professor at Stanford’s Freeman-Spogli Institute, a William J. Perry Fellow at the Center for International Security and Cooperation, and a visiting scholar at the Hoover Institution. As a Chief Security Officer at Facebook and Yahoo and a co-founder of iSEC Partners, Alex has investigated and responded to some of the most seminal events in the short history of cybersecurity and has been called the “Forrest Gump of Info Sec” by friends. He is working on election security via the Defending Digital Democracy Project and advising NATO’s Cybersecurity Center of Excellence. He has spoken on six continents, testified in Congress, served as an expert witness for the wrongly accused, earned a BSEE from UC Berkeley and holds five patents.