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Amy Harder On How Trump Could Vastly Expand Offshore Drilling


In a newly released five-year plan, the Trump administration has proposed opening up vast new areas to oil and gas exploration, including federal waters off the California coast and off the East Coast, from Georgia to Maine.
In this video, Amy Harder, who covers energy and climate change issues for Axios, describes what this all means.
Amy Harder, Top Energy & Climate Change Reporter at Axios

Top National Energy and Climate Change Reporter at Axios

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Amy Harder is one of the top national energy and climate change reporters in the country, considered to be a uniquely balanced and influential journalist with respect across the spectrum. She covers these issues in a regular column at Axios, called Harder Line, and she frequently appears on other major media outlets, including PBS NewsHour, MSNBC, CBS, and NPR, among many other media outlets.

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