Arthur Levitt: A Changing America

Arthur Levitt: A Changing America


Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Arthur Levitt, talks about economic changes in America. He often gets asked questions about national politics and how that plays out in terms of political developments in the country. He is seeing a huge transfer of power from the executive branch to the legislative branch and that makes it complex for American taxpayers since they can involve broad concepts that have to be interpreted by various committees of the Congress.

Arthur Levitt, Jr. is a Bloomberg Board Member and a member of the Bloomberg Board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee. Levitt is an Advisory Board Member of the Knight Capital Group, a Board Member for Motif Investing and a Senior Advisor for the Promontory Financial Group. He is also an advisor to five emerging technology companies, Mirror, BitPay, Blockchain, Affirm and PeerIQ. Levitt currently serves on the advisory board for the RAND Center for Corporate Ethics and Governance, and is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. 

Former Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission

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A tireless crusader for investor protection, Arthur Levitt worked to improve the quality of the financial reporting process, maintain the independence of auditors, and clean up Internet fraud. A proponent of using "plain English" in investor communications, and transparency in business accounting, Levitt continues to give advice on business strategy and accounting practices.