Artificial Intelligence Keynote

Artificial Intelligence Keynote


Tom Koulopoulos is an expert on innovation, the cloud, future trends and technology and authored thirteen books including The Gen Z Effect, Cloud Surfing and The Innovation Zone.  A digital futurist, Koulopoulos shares a history of technological and behavioral change and encourages listeners to embrace a future where digital footprints and AI will be exponentially valuable assets to humanity.

During this talk Koulopoulos walks audiences through examples of impactful technological changes in the 19th and 20th centuries. He shares memorable facts around various advancements like agricultural changes of the 1800s and delves into the science behind landing on the moon---a mathematical equation that sent a rocket from earth moving 4x faster than a speeding bullet, rendezvousing with the moon a quarter of a million miles into outer space, then safely returning home. Quite a feat! 

Koulopoulos goes onto share insight on why technologies take 40-60 years on average to come to market. He tackles the complex issue of digital footprints, and ownership by tech giants such as Facebook and Google. He addresses questions of legislation around privacy, while still championing the positive changes new technologies can have overtime. He poses questions like “How do we create behaviors that can keep up with machines?” and “How do you think exponentially and develop a global population where poverty is eradicated, and healthcare is universal?”

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Innovation expert passionate about helping business people understand the challenges and opportunities of leading edge technology.