Ash Alexander-Cooper Talks with Sky News

Ash Alexander-Cooper Talks with Sky News


In this video, Stephen Dixon and Gillian Joseph of Sky News interview former Elite Military Unit Commander, Ash Alexander-Cooper, about the launch of Remembered's #DDay75 campaign. The campaign remembers the 749 American soldiers killed as they practiced for the D-Day landings with a ribbon being laid out on the beach for each fallen soldier.

Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former specialist military unit colonel in the British Armed Forces, world-championship athlete and award-winning international musician. During a 22-year career, Ash became one of the most operationally experienced officers of his generation, spending 82 months deployed leading some of the world’s most elite forces in complex and hostile environments, including the Balkans, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Recognising that companies today experience parallels to what he and his colleagues faced in combat, Ash now helps businesses and leaders develop the skills, mindset, and behaviours necessary to adapt and win.

Former Elite Military Unit Commander & Leadership & Resilience Expert

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Ash Alexander-Cooper OBE is a former Specialist Military Unit Colonel in the British Armed Forces and a former Partner at McChrystal Group - an elite advisory services firm that builds agile teams and enables clients to adapt to their complex operating environments. Ash was a Partner in McChrystal Group's London, England office, where he focused on expanding the firm’s offerings and developing relationships with European clients. With a focus on leader development, talent management, and team-building solutions, Ash draws upon lessons learned from over 22 years of experience leading and managing diverse multinational military, civilian government and other elite teams.