BBC HARDtalk with Phil Gordon

BBC HARDtalk with Phil Gordon


When Barack Obama replaced George W Bush in the White House, US strategy in the Middle East changed - hubris was out, humility was in. But as the region has sunk deeper into violence, extremism and sectarianism, President Obama's limited ambitions have been condemned by critics as a dangerous form of weakness. Stephen Sackur speaks to Philip Gordon, who has just left his role as the White House's coordinator for Middle East policy. What happened to American leadership in a troubled region? Credits Interviewed Guest - Philip H. Gordon Interviewer - Stephen Sackur

Former Special Assistant to the President on the Middle East and the Gulf Region

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Phil Gordon was the most senior official focused on the Middle East when he served as the special assistant to the president and White House coordinator for the region. With an extensive track record in Washington and at the National Security Council, he has worked on the top geopolitical issues of the last two decades. A phenomenal, forward-thinking speaker, he focuses on the state of and United States’ relationship with the Middle East, including the three factors causing the region’s chaos and the four things our nation should be doing about it.