Ben Saunders: Staying Positive in Times of Doubt

Ben Saunders: Staying Positive in Times of Doubt


Ben Saunders has explored both the North and South Poles and completed the longest ever polar journey on foot. Imagine being in freezing conditions and caught in a snowstorm with little visibility, what would you focus on? Saunders shares how his positive mindset aided the success of his numerous expeditions.  A memorable and impactful speaker on peak performance and overcoming adversity, Saunders stories are stories you will want to retell!

The heroic tales of Saunders' exploration adventures are also full of wisdom, inspiration and insight on the mentality that drives him forward.  Feeling afraid or being a little overstretched aren’t bad things, everyone has experienced those emotions at some point.  Saunders cautions against expending mental energy on the things you can’t affect and shares examples of why mental and emotional intelligence are paramount.

Visit Ben Saunders’ speaking page to learn more about how you can teach individuals to thrive in challenging environments or contact us via phone, email or chat. To hear about Saunders journey, how he continuously overcame adversity, and went on to lead one of the most ambitious polar expeditions in a century, book him for your next event!

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Polar explorer, TED speaker, and record-breaking long-distance skier Ben Saunders fuses the spirit of adventure with impressive technical ingenuity. He has five North Pole expeditions under his belt and is best known for leading one of the most ambitious expeditions in a century. Humble and self-effacing, he is an explorer of limits and his message is one of inspiration, empowerment, and boundless potential. He explores the dichotomy between ideas and action and urges audiences to consider carefully how to spend the “tiny amount of time we each have on this planet.”