Blaire Palmer: Improving Leadership and Efficiency

Blaire Palmer: Improving Leadership and Efficiency


Authority on the future of leadership, Blaire Palmer speaks on improving leadership and efficiency. Blaire does not believe that leadership is about what you do it - leadership is about who you are. Leaders have their power when they take their mask off and are vulnerable and able to form authentic human connections with people. Additionally, the extent to which you are willing to give away power is the extent to which other people can be empowered.

Blaire Palmer is a world authority on the changing face of leadership.  An author, speaker, coach, consultant and commentator on future trends in business, with nearly two decades of experience coaching and provoking boards and senior leaders, Blaire shares her funny, insightful and challenging ideas about leadership and change with audiences around the globe, inspiring them to find ways to start running their companies in partnership with their people, lose the ego around leadership and re-think what leaders are here for in the post-Industrial, Personalised Age.

Authority on the Future of Leadership, Organisational Change and Work

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Blaire is a leadership expert who revitalises leaders and has encourages staff and aspiring executives to make the most of the leaders they have. This, she says, will make their contribution more rewarding, effective and satisfying. With many years working with senior executives, she knows what goes on behind the closed doors of the boardroom. Funny, engaging, provocative, and original, Blaire speaks from experience having worked inside some of Europe’s most well known companies as coach and confidante to CEOs and their management teams.