Brian Souza, Professional Speaker - Keynote Reel

Brian Souza, Professional Speaker - Keynote Reel


In this video, we see a compilation of best-selling author and organizational productivity expert, Brian Souza's best organizational productivity speeches. He speaks about successful management and that as a manager, you have to believe in your people more than they believe in themselves. See their potential - each and every person on your team is capable of performing at far greater level than they currently are. It's your job as the coach to see that potential and pull it out of them. You must believe that they are capable of achieving more than they believe they are. One in four employees report consistently performing at less than 50% of their potential. Your team members are telling you that they have more to give and the fundamental question is what can you do to get it out of them.

Brian Souza is CEO and founder of ProductivityDrivers - an innovative corporate training company that specializes in building world-class, high performance teams and organizations. Souza is also the author of The New York Times Bestseller, The Weekly Coaching Conversation. As a respected thought leader in how to build high performance teams, coaching, leadership, and sales, Souza is highly sought after as a keynote speaker and management consultant by top companies and organizations worldwide. Clients include SAS, Google, Boeing, In-N-Out Burger, ServiceNow, StateFarm, American Eagle Outfitters, AstraZeneca, and AbbVie just to name a few.

Best-Selling Author and Organizational Productivity Expert, Founder and President of ProductivityDrivers

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Brian Souza is the founder and president of ProductivityDrivers, an innovative corporate training company specializing in improving employee performance and organizational productivity. As a respected thought leader in leadership development, organizational productivity, and sales, he works with leading companies worldwide as a keynote speaking and management consultant.

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