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Cam Marston, Generations Expert, takes the stage to talk about generational divides among Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials. 

With one simple question, Marston breaks down the perspective of each generation. "What seems to matter?"

For Baby Boomers, the history is most important. It matters where you came from, the steps you took to get to this very moment. For doctors to connect to older patients, diplomas and certificates to show past accomplishments and expertise are particularly important. 

For Gen X and Millennials, the importance is placed solely on them. What are you going to do for me? How are you going to help me now? Again for doctors, it has less to do with the appearance of plaques and certificates and more with how you are doing to deal with the present situation. 

Cam Marston is a retention and generations expert, with years of experience. He stands ready to help you and your organization prepare for the workforce of today from small to multinational corporations. To learn more about Cam, visit his speaker page, chat with us or give us a call at 1-800-SPEAKER. 

Retention and Generations Expert

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Cam Marston, founder and president of Generational Insight, is a consultant, author, and speaker who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and small businesses throughout the world to improve multigenerational relations and communications. Upbeat, lively, and interactive presenter who emphasizes employee and customer retention, marketing, and sales.